An environment conducive to easy access to justice- Dinamani

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on creating a conducive environment for easy access to justice as well as creating a conducive environment for talking and living.

He also mentioned that the infrastructure of the justice department should be created accordingly.

The first meeting of the All India District Legal Services Commission began in Delhi on Saturday. In the opening ceremony of the 2-day meeting, Prime Minister Modi said:

The Supreme Court has on various occasions said that legal aid should be provided to undertrial prisoners languishing in various jails. The District Legal Services Authority may take up the responsibility of providing legal aid to them.

The District Judge, who heads the committees examining the claims of the remand prisoners, may take steps for the early release of the remand prisoners. According to the statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau, 76 percent of the 4,88,511 prisoners in different jails in 2020, i.e. 3,71,848, were under-trial prisoners.

The efforts being made by the National Legal Services Commission to free them are commendable.

This is the elixir of freedom. The time has come to take a pledge to take the country to new heights in the next 25 years. It is very important to create an environment conducive to easy access to justice for any community, just like creating an environment conducive to speech and ease of living. The infrastructure of the justice sector should be developed accordingly. In the last 8 years, work has been done to improve the infrastructural facilities of the Department of Justice.

Virtual courts have been launched under the e-Courts scheme where cases are heard and adjudicated day and night. Video mode of inquiry is convenient for public. More than one crore cases have been heard through video mode. This proves that the structure of our judicial system combines the ancient dignity of the Indian judicial system with the reality of the 21st century.

Prime Minister Modi said that an ordinary citizen should know about the duties and rights mentioned in the Constitution.

Supreme Court Chief Justice NV Ramana, Justices YU Lalith, TY Chandrachud, Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju and judges of the Supreme Court and High Court attended the ceremony.

Target to release eligible remand prisoners by Aug 15: Union Law Ministry

Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju said that ‘the target has been set to release the deserving trial prisoners by August 15’.

Kiren Rijiju speaking at the inaugural function of the first All India District Legal Services Commission Officers Meeting in Delhi said:

A special drive to identify and recommend remand prisoners eligible for release was launched by the National Commission for Legal Services on the 16th. Accordingly, the officers of the District Legal Services Commission should hold a re-examination meeting of the remand prisoners on a weekly basis. A review of the status of the cases should be discussed, including filing bail petitions in the courts if necessary.

These meetings will be held till August 13. These are being conducted with the aim of releasing the maximum number of pretrial detainees by August 15. Rijiju said that this special action has been taken as the country is about to celebrate its 75th Independence Day.

‘New scheme for legal aid of the poor’: To provide legal aid to the poor and underprivileged people who are accused in cases, a new scheme is being launched on behalf of the National Legal Services Commission, said the Acting Chairman of the Commission and Supreme Court Judge U.U.Lalith.

In this regard, he said in the above program: Legal aid system will be established in every district for the poor people who are unable to hire private lawyers. According to this new scheme, advocates will be appointed to advocate for needy poor people. 350 districts have been proposed to implement this scheme in the first phase. Districts will be prioritized based on infrastructural facilities and other opportunities. He said that a project has been started to ensure electronic library in every District Legal Services Authority.

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