An IPS officer who has pulled a big streak of change in Bihar


Report – Anmol Kumar


If you have positive energy then try to become Vikas Vaibhav in life who is the best in contemporary motivating personality who is honest, selfless, fearless. Whose ideals are inspiring others, who is an example of honesty, whose voice has radiance on the face, which is giving positivity to a Bhagirath effort like Let’s Inspire Bihar Abhiyan to bring back the glory of Bihar again. Who is neither a leader nor an actor but is at the number one position in Bihar in popularity. After meeting such a personality, the condition and direction of your life definitely changes, negativity goes away from your life, you become positive, this self-confidence awakens in you that you are on this earth for some special work and You can give a huge positive direction to the society, to the family, to yourself.
Many times, despite having hard work, having strong will, hard work, a person loses and does not achieve the destination. Because his talent, his hard work keeps deviating from the positive direction by going closer to the goal and this deviation happens in the absence of a skilled motivator, you move forward in your childhood with the inspiration of your parents, then the teacher is your motivator and after that There is such a person in life whose inspiration you move towards your destination. In the absence of a skilled general, a large army also loses the war, while a small army under the leadership of a skilled commander wins the war, if you turn the pages of history, you will be faced with many such incidents in today’s context about the change in Bihar. Discuss with He is full of negative He thinks that Bihar cannot be above caste, nepotism is full of lobbying of sons, everyone wants positive change but no one wants to take the initiative. Everyone wants Bhagat Singh to be a Mahatma. Be it Gandhi, Khudiram Bose, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, but not in their homes but in their neighbors’ houses. In such times, do not worry, on the basis of contemplation, the campaign of famous IPS officer Vikas Vaibhav, who has taken the initiative to draw a line of change by taking inspiration from the historical glorious past of Bihar, has shown a new ray of hope. This is a completely non-political campaign in which all the aware people of Bihar can join and initiate change. Social media has been made the weapon of this campaign, let’s inspire in 38 districts of Bihar and two police districts, committees have been formed at the district sub-division and block level of Bihar. Everyone who participates in this campaign has equal rights, all will take the initiative to bring positive changes in the society, they will work unitedly and positive results are also being seen. The leader is such a famous IPS officer of Bihar, whose birthplace and work land is Bihar, whose honesty no one can point a finger at, whose voice has radiance on the face, there is sharpness in the writing. The record of hoisting the tricolor by eliminating the mini Chambal like Bagaha and freeing the historical fort of Rohtas from the Naxalites, whose name is there. Vikas Vaibhav has become an ideology not a person in today’s date and this positive ideology of his has raised great hope of change in the hearts of the youth of Bihar. Youth dialogues are being organized in all the district headquarters of Bihar, in which they themselves are communicating with the youth. In the coming time, the positive results of this campaign will be visible on a large scale, within a year of its establishment, many big changes have taken place. have started.