An old passenger touched a female crew member offensively in the flight..Video Pipa News


An old passenger touched a female crew member offensively in the flight..Video

For the past few months, some of the incidents taking place in the planes have often gone viral on social media. These are disturbing and surprising people. Lately, the inappropriate behavior of passengers in flights has been rampant. Another such incident happened recently. Two passengers who misbehaved with the female crew on the flight were taken off the flight and handed over to the security personnel. This happened in the flight coming from Delhi to Hyderabad. A video related to this has also come out. Videos of the incident filmed by other passengers are doing the rounds on social media platforms.

On Monday (January 23, 2023) SG-8133 Korendon flight to Delhi-Hyderabad.. During the departure from Delhi, a passenger behaved inappropriately and rudely towards the cabin crew. A female flight attendant has alleged that an elderly passenger touched her inappropriately. The female cabin crew complained about this to the PIC as well as the security staff. There was also an altercation on the flight after the passenger allegedly misbehaved with a female employee of the flight. An argument took place between the flight crew and the passengers. A video related to this has also come out. The video shows the cabin crew arguing with one of the passengers and then another passenger arguing. However, after the argument, the passenger and another person who came to his support and got into an argument with the crew were taken off the plane in Delhi and handed over to the security staff. The passenger who was accused of misbehavior later issued a written apology. However, he was taken off the plane so that these problems did not arise again, but one of the passengers said on Twitter that the incident caused a delay of 1.5 hours.

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It is known that on November 26 last year, a drunken passenger named Shankar Mishra urinated on a female passenger on an Air India flight coming from New York to New Delhi. Police arrested Shankar Mishra in Bangalore and filed a case against him under various sections. After that, Shankar Mishra told the authorities that he had paid compensation to the victim and that the dispute between them had been resolved. But Mishra’s lawyer told the court that there was nothing wrong with his client and that the victim herself had urinated on him. He said that it is natural for her to have such a problem as a Bharatanatyam dancer for 30 years. Shankar Mishra is currently in judicial custody in this case. The Department of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken a serious view of the incident of urinating on an Air India flight and has ordered Air India to pay Rs. A fine of 30 lakh rupees was imposed. The pilot of this plane was suspended for three months. It is reported that a fine of Rs 3 lakh has also been imposed on the director of in-flight service.

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