An unexpected incident and a perfect educational complex! The students along with the parents cheered Pipa News

An unexpected incident and a perfect educational complex! The students along with the parents cheered

Jat, representative

Samata Ashram School in Umdi is recognized as a school that brings all-round development in the lives of children of sugarcane workers, laborers, hardworking, poor families. But due to an unexpected incident, this school, which was running for half a century, became infamous. Parents, grandmothers and ex-students are expressing their grief as this complex, which imparts high-quality education and adds to the educational glory of Jat by getting gold and silver medals, has been tarnished.

Two days ago, there was an unfortunate incident of food poisoning among 175 children of Samata Ashram School, fortunately there was no loss of life. However, this ashram school, which brought a wealth of education to the lives of the poor and hard-working peasant children on the border of Karnataka, was brought into disrepute by the incident.

Sarvodaya Shikshan Sanstha started Samata Ashram School with the noble intention of bringing education to the deprived children of sugarcane workers, laborers, working class, poor families in the border areas of Karnataka. Here the school works with great discipline. Children from the border areas of Maharashtra, Karnataka study in ashram schools. Many people became officers after studying here. Many people are working in the administrative service of Maharashtra and Karnataka in high positions. Apart from this, the students here are famous in sports, social and political fields.

An accident happened on Sunday night in such an ashram school which is doing community oriented work. There was a dinner program at the house of the Sanstha drivers. The officers of the organization see the children of the ashram school as children of their own family. So, naturally, the children were also invited for the family auspicious meal. Children also ate happily. But unfortunately the children got food poisoning. On realizing this, the teachers of the ashram school first reported this to the health department and then contacted the management of the institution. As soon as the incident came to know, all the congregation came running. With the help of the board of directors, parents, villagers from Umdi and Madgyal, the children were treated on time. So luckily no untoward incident happened. This unexpected incident brought a stigma of infamy on this ashram school, which was approaching 50 years. Due to this, displeasure has spread among the parents and former students in the border areas.

In this regard, Secretary of Sarvodaya Shikshan Sanstha SK Hortikar said, When we came to know about the poisoning incident, we also felt pain and were upset. But we are always a church that always faces conflict. I am satisfied that the children’s lives were saved by facing this situation with courage. He expressed his belief that parents and students should not worry, they will build the school and bring it back to its name.

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