Andhrajyothy – Farmer who trampled on Kadam Pipa News

Andhrajyothy – Farmer who trampled on Kadam

People who hold aartis and bless them

Support came from other districts

A bustling port

Loud ‘Jai Amaravati’ slogans

Welcome to Mahapadayatra

Walk from Chinnapuram to Pedana

11th day trek of 18 kms

Machilipatnam, September 22 (Andhra Jyoti): Farmers are clamoring for Amaravati as the capital. On Thursday, the Mahapadayatra started from Chinnapuram, Bandaru Mandal of Krishna District and continued through Machilipatnam city to Harsha College on Pedana Road. First, farmers and villagers performed special pooja at the Ayyappaswamy temple in Chinnapuram. Women offered offerings to Surya Rath and Sri Venkateswara Swamy. Coconuts were beaten in front of the chariot and dish was taken. After that, the Mahapadayatra started at 9 am. Farmers from the surrounding villages gathered to support the farmers who were marching in the main center of Chinnapuram. The region erupted with slogans of ‘Jai Amaravati, One State.. One Capital’. They raised slogans saying ‘Kiss the capital of Amaravati.. We don’t want three capitals, CM is down’. The locals invited the farmers who were marching by sprinkling flowers along the way. Farmers garlanded the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Gundupalem Gandhi Bomma Centre. Former Gudivada MLA Ravi Venkateswara Rao and former Deputy Speaker Booragadda Vedavyas joined the farmers for the padayatra. Leaders of Janasena and CPI participated in the march. At Sharadanagar, Congress and BJP leaders of Bandar constituency welcomed the farmers and walked a short distance carrying JAC leader Kolikapudi Srinivasa Rao on their shoulders. Support for the farmers’ movement was announced. In Gundupalem, Sivaganga, Sharadanagar, Khalekhanpet, Chintaguntapalem and other places, women offered offerings to Surya Ratha. After a lunch break from Rajupeta Shadiqhana Centre, the march continued to Harsha College on Pedana Road via Koneru Centre, Vallur Raja Centre, Bus Stand, Saibaba Gudi Centre, ZP Centre, Hussainpalem. On the 11th day on Thursday, the total distance of 18 kilometers was covered.

Support of Palnadu residents

Amaravati Farmers Padayatra was jointly supported by the people of Guntur district. More than 200 people gathered under the leadership of TDP State Secretary Nallapati Ramachandra Prasad (Ramu) from Narasa Raopet of Palnadu district and expressed their solidarity. Telugu farmers from Chilakaluripet gathered in large numbers and expressed solidarity with the march.

The Chief Minister is Nayavanchana: Kollu

Former minister Kollu Ravindra said that the people of the state are being deceived by the Chief Minister. Former MP Konakalla Narayana Rao said that CM Jagan is talking about 3 capitals without considering the aspirations of crores of people. Amaravati JAC leader Kolikapudi Srinivasa Rao said that despite the public response to the farmers’ padayatra, CM Jagan should leave the foolish argument of three capitals and continue Amaravati as the sole capital. JAC representative Rayapati Shailaja said that if the judgment given by the High Court had been implemented in the case of capital Amaravati, there would have been no need for the second phase of Mahapadayatra.

DGP… provide protection: JAC

Machilipatnam, September 22 (Andhra Jyoti): Amaravati JAC leaders A. Shivareddy and Gadde Tirupathi Rao have requested the DGP to respond and protect them as they have information that they have information that a strategy has been devised to create unrest by pelting stones on the farmers during the Mahapadayatra of Amaravati Farmers held on Friday and Saturday in Pedana and Gudivada constituencies of Krishna District. He said that people and police are fully cooperating with the march. He said that the padayatra will be held from Harsha College to Kautavaram via Pedana on Friday and in Gudivada constituency on Saturday. Locals are saying that some people have planned to pelt stones on the farmers who are on the padayatra. The DGP has asked them to respond immediately and provide protection to the farmers.

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