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ANF ​​and Sindh Rangers action, 105 kg hashish recovered, 3 suspects arrested Pipa News

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In a significant joint operation conducted by the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) and Sindh Rangers, law enforcement agencies successfully seized over 105 kilograms of hashish and apprehended three suspects in Karachi.

The operation, aimed at combating the illicit drug trade in the region, was carried out based on intelligence reports indicating the presence of a large quantity of narcotics in the area. Acting swiftly on the information, a combined team comprising personnel from ANF and Sindh Rangers launched a coordinated raid in a targeted area of Karachi.

During the meticulously planned operation, authorities managed to intercept a substantial consignment of hashish weighing over 105 kilograms. The narcotics, believed to have been destined for distribution across various parts of the country, were concealed within hidden compartments of a vehicle.

In addition to the successful seizure of the illicit drugs, law enforcement officials also apprehended three individuals suspected of being involved in the illegal drug trafficking network. The suspects were immediately taken into custody for further investigation into their alleged roles in the narcotics trade.

The collaborative effort between ANF and Sindh Rangers underscores the commitment of Pakistani authorities to combat the menace of drug trafficking and disrupt the activities of organized crime syndicates operating in the region. Such operations are crucial in safeguarding communities from the harmful effects of drug abuse and preserving public safety.

The seized hashish, along with the detained suspects, has been handed over to the concerned authorities for legal proceedings. Investigations into the matter are ongoing as authorities work to dismantle the drug trafficking networks and bring those responsible to justice.

This successful operation serves as a testament to the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies in tackling the scourge of narcotics trafficking and upholding the rule of law in Pakistan.

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