Annual festival kicks off in Lasbela Pipa News

Annual festival kicks off in Lasbela

The annual Hinglaj Mata festival kicked off at Hinglaj Temple in the Lasbela district of Balochistan province, the 24NewsHD TV channel reported on Monday.

Thousands of Hindu pilgrims from across the country and the world are participating in the centuries-old cave temple festival.

Every year, thousands of Hindu pilgrims come to Hinglaj to participate in this festival.

The temple is located in a hill cave on the banks of the Hingol River in the middle of the Hingol National Park.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu cut up the dead body of Sati into 50 pieces, which fell to the earth. Her head, it is believed, fell at Hinglaj and it has since been the site of a revered pilgrimage.

A large number of Hindu pilgrims from the interior Sindh, Makran Coast, Kalat, and South Punjab visit the temple in April and perform their rituals.

Most of the pilgrims come from southern Sindh, home to the majority of Pakistan’s Hindu minority. Devotees from neighboring India want to go to this place but it is a difficult process for them to get a visa.

Most pilgrims come in buses, some on private cars, and even on bicycles all the way from Karachi. Others prefer to walk. The greater the suffering, the pilgrims say, the greater the reward.

The Balochistan government has devised a comprehensive plan to facilitate the pilgrims and ensure peace for the three-day event.

The provincial government has ensured all facilities and foolproof security for the Hindu’s mega event.

Men and women dressed in their traditional dresses participated in the historic festival.

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