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Another shock for the TDP leader.. Fibernet scam on the screen

Amaravati, Andhraprabha: Jagan’s government gave another shock to TDP leader and former Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu. The case of Fiber Net Scam, which was investigated by CID in the past, has come to the fore again. Chandrababu is also facing charges in these cases. The CID found that hundreds of crores of rupees had been stolen and charged that Chandrababu was the main reason behind it. The main allegation against Chandrababu is that during the tenure of the previous Telugu Desam government, he had given the fiber net contract to Tera Soft Company against the rules. .

With this, the CID is preparing to arrest Chandrababu, who has already been arrested in the Skill Development Scam case and is currently a remand prisoner in the Rajahmundry Central Jail, in the Fibernet case. For this, PT filed a warrant in Vijayawada ACB court on Tuesday. CID officials have already filed a PT warrant against Chandrababu in the ACB court to arrest him in the Inner Ring Road scam case while he is on remand in the Atu Skill case.

It is pending. In this case, Chandrababu’s anticipatory bail petition was heard in the High Court on Tuesday and adjourned to the 21st of this month. However, the CID fibernet scam case targeting Chandrababu was brought to the fore when a fresh PT warrant was filed and the judge accepted the investigation. CID named Chandrababu as main accused A1 in fiber case.

Case registered in 2019.

When YCP came to power, CID focused on fiber net. According to the allegations made by the CID after starting the investigation, it was found that Rs.115 crores of funds were misappropriated in the Fibernet scam and a case was registered against 19 people in 2019, naming Vemuri Hari Prasad as A1 and former MD Sambasivarao as A2. In the CID PT Warrant Petition No. 2913/2023, it has been stated that the investigation found that there were irregularities in awarding Terra Soft tenders to Vemuri Hariprasad as Chandrababu was very close to him. It was in this order that CID identified Chandrababu’s role in the Fibernet scam.

Tenders in Doddidari..

The CID is alleging that tenders were awarded by Doddi Dari in connection with the fiber net contract to Terra Soft Company under the Telugu Desam government. It was concluded that the tender deadline was extended by a week against the rules. The CID has alleged that Memuri Hariprasad lobbied to get the tender for the blacklisted company, and Rs.115 crores of corruption was committed in fiber net phase-1 tenders for Rs.320 crores.

Terra Soft in black list..

The CID investigation revealed that the said Terra Soft company was blacklisted before getting the fiber net contract. Earlier, the Civil Supplies Department handed over the contract of POS machines used in ration shops to this company. Meanwhile, the TDP government blacklisted Terrasoft for distributing substandard e-POS machines. Two months later, Chandrababu’s government removed the company from the blacklist in the matter of fiber net and awarded the fiber net contract to TerraSapt along with Himachal Futuristic Communications Company.

In the later developments, Terra Soft Company removed Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited from the contract against the rules. The CID confirmed that Anil Jain, the representative of the Himachal Sanstha, had disclosed the same. The CID has registered a case that Terra Soft Company bought substandard materials for Rs.115 crore and supplied them to Fibernet. Alleging that all this happened with the involvement of Chandrababu, the CID filed a PT warrant to arrest him.

If PT gives warrant..?

The ACB court accepted the PT warrant filed by the CID in the Fibernet case. An investigation is to be done on this. If the court gives permission, the CID will immediately go to Rajahmundry and arrest Chandrababu who is in jail in the fiber scam case and bring him to the court. If he is remanded in this case too, he will be taken back to jail. Along with the present Skill case, Chandrababu will have to face investigation in the Fibernet case as well. According to Section 269 CrPC Prisoner in Transit Warrant requires court permission to transfer a prisoner who is already in jail from jail to another area for trial in another case.