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Tap Politics: The political results are heating up in Andhra Pradesh. There is a rumor that key leaders in the ruling party are looking sideways. Recently, the opposition has repeatedly said that soon there will be massive migration from the ruling party.. Are those words going to be true? The expansion of the previous cabinet, the recent appointment of Rajya Sabha posts… the list of dissident leaders is increasing in all districts. Since CM Jagan did not keep the promises given to the respective leaders in the past.. are they all already taking steps towards taking a key decision..? And is the YCP leadership trying to stop those migrations… or is it taking them lightly…? Or even if CM Jagan gives offers… it will be difficult to get a seat in the next election… Are you preparing for jumping Japan?

Recently, there is a rumor that a strong leader in Prakasam District is joining Janasena. He is a strong leader in the Chirala constituency. He also holds the record of standing up to major political parties, contesting as an MLA and winning as an Independent. He is currently continuing in YCP.

It is rumored that he has decided to join the Janasena in line with the current political situation in Chirala. Is the ruling YCP ready to give him up? There is talk that Chief Jagan is trying to adjust a seat somewhere close to him anyway. Meanwhile, there is a propaganda in the YCP circles that he was called to his camp office and offered another seat. There is talk in the YCP circles that he is only insisting on sarees. But at the same time, key people like him say that if the party changes .. there is a possibility that different types of signals will go across the state.

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In the last election, he contested from Chirala and lost to his rival. At the same time the winning leader from a different party was draped in a YCP scarf. At that time it seems that the YCP was covered in a scarf with the assurance that the saree seat would be his in the coming elections. Once again, recently CM Jagan did not even give him a clear assurance .. but now those two leaders .. are insisting on wanting sarees. With this, the idea of ​​allocating a seat to someone else has the upper hand. But both are not ready for that adjustment.

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