Anti-corruption officials seize Rs 6 crore in raids!- Dinamani Pipa News


Anti-corruption officials seize Rs 6 crore in raids!- Dinamani


Bengaluru: The anti-corruption unit of the Lok Ayukta raided the house of BJP MLA’s son who bought Rs 40 lakh in Bengaluru and seized around Rs 6 crore.

BJP MLA Matal Vripashappa from Chennagiri Constituency, Thavanagere District, Karnataka State. His son is Prashant Matal. He passed the Karnataka Civil Service Examination and joined the Public Works Department as Chief Accounts Officer in Bengaluru.

In this case, a tender was invited for the purchase of chemicals for the soap and detergent sector of Karnataka. For this there was a fierce competition between many contractors.

It is said that Chief Accounts Officer Prashant Matal asked for Rs 81 lakh to issue a tender to a contractor. Prashant Matal said that the contractor also agreed to this and that he would pay Rs.40 lakh in the first phase on Thursday evening and he would collect it from his father’s office on Grand Road.

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The Lok Ayukta officials have received confidential information about this.

Following this, the officials of the anti-corruption unit of the Lok Ayugda conducted a raid in the office of BJP MLA Matal Vripashappa on Thursday.

At that time, the Lok Ayukta officials seized Rs.1.7 crores including Rs.40 lakhs in Rs.2000 and Rs.500 notes and also arrested Chief Accounts Officer Prashant Matal.

In this case, the Lok Ayukta officials raided the house of Prashant Matal on the complaint of taking bribe. It has been reported that around Rs.6 crore cash and documents and property bonds have been seized.