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Anuki the wrestler achieved everything in life

Wrestling great Antonio Inoki has passed away. From defeating Pakistan’s Akram Pahlwan to picking up and beating the tall French wrestler Andre, from taking part in a mixed martial arts contest with renowned boxer Muhammad Ali to accepting Islam; Inoki did everything. The world will always remember him.

Antonio Inoki was born on February 20, 1943 in Japan. His real name was Kanji Inoki. He started wrestling in the 60s and soon became Japan’s biggest wrestler in the world. In his lifetime, he won the World Wrestling Championship 12 times.

A scene from the greatest fight of the century between Antonio Inoki and Muhammad Ali

His rise to fame took four months when he competed in a mixed martial arts competition with world champion boxer Muhammad Ali in 1976. The contest was so thrilling that it lasted for 15 rounds but still could not be decided. Both the wrestlers showed their best game and amazing ability and did not give the opponent a chance to win and thus the match was even. It has been called the ‘greatest fight of the century’ and is said to have laid the foundations of modern mixed martial arts.
After this competition, Akram Pehlwan, who belongs to the famous Bholo family of Pakistan, gave him a challenge. The match took place on 12 December 1976 at the National Stadium in Karachi. Basically this fight consisted of 6 rounds but the fight ended in the second minute of the third round. Akram Pahlwan was controlled by Inoki’s armlock, after which a lot of heat was seen between the supporters of the two athletes. Anuki was announcing his victory with raised hands while on the other hand Akram Pehlwan was accusing Anuki of playing a negative game in front of the TV cameras.

Akram Pahlwan’s nephew and Bholu Pahlwan’s son Nasir Bholu says about this match that actually before this match Akram Pahlwan’s uncle fell seriously ill and his sugar increased dangerously. He had not been able to prepare for this competition properly, but it was against his family traditions that after giving a challenge to the competition, he himself was forbidden from it. Thus despite not being completely healthy, Akram Pahlwan wrestled and managed to take the bout to the third round even in this condition. The boat was telecast live on Pakistan Television.

In 1976, Anuki defeated Akram Pahlwan at the National Stadium in Karachi

After the defeat of Akram Pahlwan by Anuki, the second generation of his family also came against Anuki. On June 17, 1979, at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Bholo Pahlwan’s younger brother Aslam Pahlwan’s son Zubair alias Jhara Pahlwan faced Anuki. The match went 5 rounds but it was a draw. At the end of the match, Inoki announced the victory by raising the Jhara wrestler’s hand in the air. Thus, the defeat of one generation was avenged by the next generation. Antonio Anuki developed good relations with the Pakistani wrestling family and later Anuki took Haroon Abid, nephew of Jhara Pehlwan and grandson of Aslam Pehlwan, to Japan so that he could study there as well as receive training as a wrestler.

He played his last match on April 4, 1998 and was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame in 2010.

In 1989, Inoki was elected to the upper house of the Japanese parliament. When he reached the parliament, he made diplomatic visits to many countries and tried to establish better relations with these countries as the Japanese ambassador. In 1990, he went to Iraq during the Gulf War. In the war, the Iraqi army took many Japanese hostages. Inoki requested the release of the Japanese hostages from Saddam Hussein, who accepted and released the hostages. Antonio Anoki converted to Islam after visiting Karbala during the same visit. When asked about his conversion to Islam, he said that he became a Muslim after being inspired by the sacred ceremonies of Karbala and the concept of peace. He is also said to have followed the teachings of both Buddhism and Islam, and after 2014 he declared that he was a Buddhist only.

In December 2012, he again visited Pakistan. On this visit, Inoki was accompanied by many Japanese wrestlers who participated in many wrestling competitions in Lahore and Peshawar. On this visit, he visited the graves of Akram Pahlwan and Jhara Pahlwan in Lahore and recited Fatiha.

In December 2021, Anoki was unable to walk and was confined to a wheelchair. Finally today he left his millions of fans sad in this world. In addition to the athletes associated with the world of wrestling, other personalities from around the world have expressed their deep sorrow over the death of Inoki. A great player like Antonio Inoki will always live in the hearts of his fans.

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