AP employees in the movement.. Who is creating a rift between the communities..?– News18 Telugu Pipa News


AP employees in the movement.. Who is creating a rift between the communities..?– News18 Telugu

AP Employess Fight: In Andhra Pradesh, Sarkar vs. Employees fight is intensifying. No matter how many times the negotiations are held, the demands of the employees are not fulfilled. The government employees say they are facing so many difficulties. Because the salary is not coming even after the first date. When will the salary come? It is a misery to look forward to.. Moreover, it is a situation where one has to go back and forth about the arrears due from the government. A government without employees as it is not in a position to pay salaries to employees. Having said this, some unions say that the plight of AP government employees is not all this. In particular, the leaders of the unions appealed to the governor for their dues. He met Governor Biswabhushan saying that steps should be taken to get the dues from the government.

The representatives of the AP government employees unions complained that the government is not paying the benefits due to the employees… including the accumulated GPF, medical claims, DA as well as retirement benefits. He asked the Governor to direct the government to solve the problems of the employees immediately.

But they did not just complain to the governor and just sit back.. AP employees are again on the path of agitation. The leaders of the communities who have to fight together are now getting down. Do you have to fight now? don’t you They are fighting about that. If one community declares movement activity, another community is seriously wrong. The allegation by the NGO community that there is some force behind the government employees union is creating a sensation. Who is now causing a rift between the leaders of the communities who fought together last year? Are trade unions really driven by certain forces?

In early 2022, the leaders of the trade unions in AP, who had convinced the government to fight together and solve the problems, now have serious differences. A community leader complaining to the governor and not the government is leading to a big uproar. Suryanarayana, who is the president of the Government Employees Union, appealed to Governor Harichandan to solve their problems together. He asked to order the government to pay salaries on the first day of every month. Dates also announced that if there is a situation of begging only for salaries, then there is no need to fight. However, the opinion of the AP NGOs community is different. The union’s argument is that they should not fight for now and should be in solidarity with the government and get things done.

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