Are checkout donations greening supermarket waste? Pipa News

Are checkout donations greening supermarket waste?

Food-relief centers are an important part of helping feed people in poverty. But what are the consequences of tax cuts incentivizing supermarket waste?

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Would you like to complete your transaction and make a donation to a charity? Woolworths asks me this question every time I walk through their checkout.

This is a tough one. As such when approached by charity representatives, it creates an uncomfortable moment. You’ll need to assess the value of the cause, the depth of your bank account, and any other donations you’ve made recently.

However, supermarket donations are smaller because they only ask you to round up your donation to the nearest dollar. The mental burden of deciding whether or not you want to donate is hardly worth the charity, and that’s probably why it’s so popular. Woolworths raised $6 million last year, Crikey understands.


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