Are Gold Medals Really Gold? Find Out Exactly How Many Grams of Gold are in a Medal

MUMBAI: Indian athletes made the country proud in the Commonwealth Games. India was able to earn as many as 22 gold medals in this tournament. But fans are wondering if there is gold in this gold medal and if so, how many grams is it.

What is the weight of each medal…
The weight of each medal is also different. When it comes to Olympic medals, gold is 556 grams and silver is 550 grams. Both these medals are made of silver. But bronze medal is made up of 95% copper and remaining 5% zinc. Currently, some medals are made from recycled materials.

Is there gold in GOLD MEDAL…
Gold medals are given to athletes who perform best in Commonwealth Games, Olympics and other sports. But if we consider the gold in this medal, its quantity has been determined. Although the medal is made entirely of silver, it contains 1 percent gold by weight. Usually around 6 grams of gold is used in a gold medal.

Who actually designs the medals?
The organizing committee of the competition takes the decision. The organizing committee of the host city is responsible for the design of the medals and this may vary from sport to sport. These medals are specially designed and the athletes are given a ribbon along with the medal.

How many medals did India win this year, know…
India did a great job in this year’s Commonwealth Games. Indian athletes won as many as 22 gold medals this time. With these 22 gold medals, India has won an honorable place in the medal table of this Commonwealth Games. India has won a total of 61 medals in this Commonwealth Games. India has won 22 gold, 16 silver and 23 bronze medals in this tournament. Most gold medals have been won by wrestlers from India.


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