Are there so many pornographic videos on Kashi’s phone and laptop in Nagercoil? – Judge of shock!


The judge said that it was shocking that the CBCID had mentioned that 1900 nude pictures and 400 obscene videos were in Nagercoil Kashi’s laptop and cell phone.

Suzy Kasi, a resident of Nagercoil, was arrested in 2020 on charges of defrauding more than 120 students and young women in Tamil Nadu and other states through social networking sites and threatening to publish money laundering and pornographic photos.

In this case, several cases have been registered against Kasi, who cheated and sexually abused a number of young women, including students, by claiming that he was in love with her. The cases are being investigated by the CPCIT police.


Cybercrime police were shocked when pornography on a confiscated cellphone and laptop was destroyed. Kasi’s father, Thangapandiyan, has been charged in connection with the investigation into who may have destroyed them.

Kashi’s father Thanga Pandian was arrested in this case and is in jail. He had filed a petition in the Madurai branch of the High Court seeking bail.

The petition came up for hearing before Judge Pukahendi. On behalf of the CPCIT police, a report was filed saying that Kasi’s father Thangapandi should not be granted bail.


Subsequently, the CBCIT has shockingly mentioned that the Apple mobile phone and the laptop used by the judge were confiscated from the house of the judge, and when the forensic experts checked, 1900 nude pictures and 400 obscene videos were found in the laptop and cell phone.

Of the 120 women affected, only a few have volunteered to testify. The CBCID has stated that bail should not be granted as many more witnesses are yet to be questioned.

Therefore, the father of the second accused in the case, Kasi, dismissed his bail plea saying that he could not grant bail to Thanga Pandi as the case was pending trial.


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