Arrest of the accused for posing as a fake police in the city Pipa News


Arrest of the accused for posing as a fake police in the city

Ahmedabad: An incident has come to light that a woman who was looking for a new partner was betrayed. A fake cop came in contact with a woman on a matronial site and he raped her and refused to marry her. In which the police have registered a case and arrested the accused in the whole matter. The accused committed rape by luring the woman for marriage.

He raped a woman by luring her into marriage

The name of the accused in police custody is Paresh Suthar. Who is a resident of Zadiya village of Ranpur taluka of Botad. He is currently in Vatwa police custody for rape and cheating. The accused raped a woman by luring her into marriage. Finally, the woman complained against the accused for forbidding her to marry, and the police arrested the accused. It has come to light that the accused contacted the matronial site of this 35-year-old married woman living in Vatwa area while her husband was leaving her. Later, the accused pretended to be in a love relationship and raped the wife by saying that the accused himself was in Botad police.Also Read: Khunkhar accused in firing with robbery case nabbed by Ahmedabad crime branch in arms smuggling

Met a young man on a matronial site

On investigation, the police found that the complainant lives with her son and was married to a young man from Haryana years ago. Meanwhile, a court case is going on regarding the young man of Haryana not keeping a relationship with his wife. Meanwhile Parineeta was looking for a new partner. She was looking for young men on the matronial site. In the meantime this accused Paresh Suthar came in contact with her and a love relationship was formed between the two. The accused said that he was in the Botad police, but when the police investigated the matter, it came to light that he had been arrested earlier in the Sola police station for the crime of fake police.

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Accused who was pretending to be a fake policeman was caught

When the accused was caught by the police, his dressing and hairstyle were also similar to those of the police. On further questioning, it came to light that the accused wanted to join the Paresh vs Police, but his dreams could not be fulfilled and he started playing as a fake police. Once he was caught as a fake policeman in Sola, now he has been caught as a fake policeman in Vatwa for fraud, betrayal and rape.

Police are conducting further investigation

The accused kept raping the married woman for a long time by luring her for marriage. He lashed out while asking women to talk about marriage at home. Later, there was a quarrel between the family members who refused to marry. At present, the police have taken action and put the accused who committed rape as a fake police behind the bars. And further action has been taken in this matter.

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