As the day goes by, there is a flamboyant campaign; Here are the highlights of today’s political developments Pipa News

As the day goes by, there is a flamboyant campaign; Here are the highlights of today’s political developments

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: BJP National President JP Nadda will release the BJP’s election manifesto today after the assembly elections in Karnataka are in full swing. Today, former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda will campaign after Rahul and Shah in Mangalore.

Bengaluru: Karnataka Assembly Elections (Karnataka Election 2023) has started. As the day draws closer to the polls, the loud campaigning of the political parties is gaining color day by day. Yesterday Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned loudly in the state and batted for BJP, today Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi will campaign. Here are the highlights of the day’s political news in the state.

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01 May 2023 07:38 (IST)

Karnataka Election 2023 Live: Sudeep campaigning in Kundanagari

Actor Sudeep will campaign for BJP candidates in Belgaum today. Sudeep will conduct a road show in five assembly constituencies of the district, including Kittur, Belagavi Rural, Yamakanamadi, Belagavi North, and Belagavi South. Sudeep will leave for Belgaum Sambra Airport from Bangalore’s HAL Airport at 10.40 in the morning, and will stay at Belgaum’s Marriott Hotel at 7.40 pm after the road show.

01 May 2023 07:20 (IST)

Karnataka Election 2023 Live: Fight between BJP-Congress workers!

A brawl between BJP and Congress workers took place last night in Bommanahalli, Bengaluru. There was a commotion between the supporters of Congress candidate Umapati and BJP candidate Satish Reddy, and BJP candidate Satish Reddy’s photo ero sarees were stored in the DSS office to be distributed to the voters. Congress workers came to know about this and complained to the election officials. When the officials raided, boxes containing Satish Reddy’s photo were found, and then a fight broke out between the activists of these groups who were angry. Four Congress workers sustained minor injuries in the incident.

01 May 2023 06:58 (IST)

Karnataka Election 2023 Live: Amit Shah Road Show in Malenad

While Rahul Gandhi campaigned loudly in Atta Thuruvekere, Union Home Minister Amit Shah will campaign for BJP candidates in Shimoga. Amit Shah Road Show will be held from Shivappanayak Circle to Lakshmi Talkies at 6 pm today. The road show will pass through Shivappanayak Circle, Ameer Ahmed Circle, Nehru Road, Gopi Circle, Durgigudi, Jail Circle, Lakshmi Talkies. Traffic is restricted on the road show route from 3 pm to 7 pm.

01 May 2023 06:51 (IST)

Karnataka Election 2023 Live: Rahul Gandhi campaign in Tumkur

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will campaign for party candidates in Tumkur today. Rahul Gandhi arrived in Turuvekere at 10 am today, and later he will participate in the Congress convention to be held at Guru Bhavan premises in Turuvekere town. Constituent leaders of the state Congress will participate in this convention.


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