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ASP Shahr Bano, who saved a woman from an angry mob, is married

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A policewoman who saves a woman from an angry mob in Achra gets married.

According to details, at Achra Bazar in Lahore, a khata was decorated based on the printing of Arabic letters by a woman. After that people got angry because of religion. In that situation, the brave policewoman Shahr Bano safely pulled the girl away from the angry crowd at Shahr Banu Naqvi’s mehndi and wedding ceremonies in Lahore. The policewoman wears a red wedding dress in the procession The policewoman is married to a businessman named Ashtar Naqvi. Videos and photos of ASP Shahr Bano Naqvi’s wedding have gone viral on social media.

It should be noted that on February 26, in Achra Bazaar in Lahore, a woman wore a kirta in which some letters were written in the Arabic language. After that, the people there understood that these were some religious words and this that thing led to a misunderstanding gave birth to.

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