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Assam assembly riots demanding action against Assamese MLA Bachhu Kadu

On the opening day of the budget session of the Assam Legislative Assembly, the opposition party raised a ruckus in the House over the comment made by the MLA Majiyat Bachhu Kaduy. The Assam Legislative Assembly took action against MLA Kadu, claiming that people protested in the House against the Congress and left the House in AIUDF.

Maharashtra Assembly member Majiyat made a scathing comment on Bachhu Kadu last Saturday. Assamese dogs are sold on footpaths and Assamese people eat dog meat. After this, the issue was raised by the Assam Legislative Assembly today after the majesty of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.

On the first day of the budget session of the Legislative Assembly, the issue of ‘dogs’ was raised by the opposing party. Maharashtra MLA against Kadu no response? Answering that question. Gradually, the environment of Sadnat Hulsthuliya begins. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Piyush was present to try to answer the opposition’s questions. But the president took action against the anti-Congress MLA Kadu, and the bully got up from his seat and protested in front of the president’s seat.

Protesting in front of the Speaker’s seat, the Congress left the Legislative Council. Meanwhile, the AIUDF also demanded action against MLA Kadu.

Maharashtrian MLA Kadu also defected to the AIUDF as the Congress sided against Kadu. Opposition legislators gathered outside the House. Opposing party leader Devrata Shaikiai said – “Assamer manuhe kukur khai bulli kadu’s comments will create Assamese tourism and ahat hengara.” Take the prescribed measures against the Kath Pati Kadu in Maharashtra Charkar. Will I succeed because I am a BJP MLA?”

Outside the House, Congress MLA Kamalaksh De Purukayastha was also raised. Kamalaksaye says – “The new recruits were treated with hospitality by the MLAs of Maharashtra. Did you give hospitality to dogs in our circle? The mentality of Charakhar Khan is not right Assamese people eat dog meat, Assamese people get away with being bullied, why talk? Pavan kherak ak’ is said to be arrested. Against Privilege Mochon Laonk Bachchu Kadu Asmalai ani Kaduk needs to seek forgiveness.”

Senior MLA Aminul Ishlam raised his voice against Bachchu Kadu – “I was calling for a six-month protest against Maharashtra MLA Bachchu Kadu. But take our words seriously. The legislators of Maharashtra have demanded the permission of the Assam Assembly and the people of Assam to apologize. If the Chief Minister has the guts to take action against the MLAs, there are police station cases.”

BJP’s state president Bhavesh Kalitai said about this controversial issue – “It will be a dog in the assembly.” It will be part of the discussion. I will personally comment on human eating habits. It’s a completely personal matter.”

Bahi Nathakil MLA Akhil Gogoye too Akhil Gogoi says – “Guwahati khuwai buai rakha insulted the law of Maharashtra unequally and unequally and we still remember in our circle. “Strict action should be taken against the MLA named Bachhu Kadu who insulted the Assamese.”

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