assam elephant jaymala brutally tortured in tamilnadu temple by mahout peta viral video

Tamilnadu’s temple Jayamala’s screams are shaking the hearts of the brave people of the country. Jayamalai has been subjected to unspeakable torture in the house of God. This jewel is the jewel of Assam. In Assam, the country is shaking with the cries of the dead elephant, Jaimalai.

No, Jayamala is moving towards death due to the cruel torture of Mauta. The horrible torture of Mauta on Jayamala is on the pages of the media. A complaint by PETA has been followed by a brutal picture of the torture inflicted on Jaimala. Assam’s glory is Tamil Nadu’s death.

According to Petai, it was near the temple of Tirukovil where the elephant danced with Sriviliputhu for more than 10 years. Elephants were seen in abundance at the Krishna Kovil temple.

PETA alleges that elephants are routinely brutally tortured. Animal rights organization Petai Ch’chiel is trying to start a revival by raising complaints through the media. Petai has shown this video, as in this mouth full of elephants are brutally beaten with sticks. His dead elephants screamed in the sky. This brute is visibly angry at the animal premises.

The elephant that has succumbed to this infernal machine is the elephant of Assam. According to the complaint, this elephant named Jayamala was born in Tamil Nadu after Assam. In 2008, the elephant did not turn into a calf after taking Tamil Nadu. Jayamala has endured the brutal torture of Tetiya and died.

Peta complained, ‘verbal abuse against Jaymala has become a daily occurrence. How many people are affected by scabies? Plyarch uses it. Ketiaba Gachhat Bandhi is beaten. Elephants are chained in iron chains for about 16 hours a day. The elephants are not wearing much sorrow.’ How many of these incidents in Tamil Nadu have not been entered into the log? Photos or videos are blocked.

Those demanding the release of Petai Jaimalak reportedly noted that “after the death of Maut Solani, the persecution of Jaimalak has not abated at all.” A complaint has been filed under both the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act based on the video of Petai Shweya. The Wildlife (Protection) Act and Tamil Nadu Captive Elephant (Management and Conservation) Rules have also been cited in the complaint.

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