Assam Floods | Various areas of Charideu district under water, various wards of Sonari Nagar under water – News18 Assam

Sonari Nagar, the capital of Charideu district, was submerged for the first time in the year. Assam-Nagaland and Assam-Arunachal border Keibatao Ward of Sonari Nagarkhan is inundated due to heavy rains. As a result of heavy rainfall in the last two days, the rivers named Taokak, Tiak, Balijan, Daicheleng have overflowed with water, causing the golden city of Charideu district to flood many areas.

At present, the water wells above the main road of South Sonari in Ward No. 8 of Sonari Nagar are running smoothly even though many people’s houses are getting flooded. Bhavanipur area of ​​Ward No. 9, Parbatipur of Ward No. 11, Shantipur, many people’s houses have been left homeless due to flooding.

There are many water wells in Rajadhap area of ​​Ward No. 13 of Ifale Nagarkhan. The situation has become more complicated in Seujiyapam Elekat Ban of Ward No. 6 of Sonari Nagar. Some of the houses are submerged in the middle of the road. In Anhat, Balijan and Daicheleng rivers, some areas of Balijan, Bengenbari are known as Burai Peloa Buli Janib.

In order to focus on the bread situation, Charideu district administration has set up bread relief camps in Ward No. 6 of Sonari Nagar and various other places in the district. There is a possibility that the condition of the Golden City will be more deplorable if there is rain in Kashariya Naga Paharat Aji or Kali. On the other hand, SDRF, fire fighting forces have already reached out to the army to rescue the stranded people.

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