At least the apartment craze .. Chennai residents invading individual houses!

In Chennai, people are increasingly interested in buying ‘villa’ houses, also known as detached houses, as an alternative to apartments.

In an environment where housing has become the dream of individuals, the number of flats in cities like Chennai began to increase from the early 90s due to the growing population crisis. Private companies have started building more than 4 storey flats in areas including Nungambakkam, The Nagar, Anna Nagar, Coimbatore, Egmore, Mylapore, Adyar, Velachery and Perambur. People were increasingly buying apartments within the city for reasons such as going to work and educating children. As a result, as the city of Chennai began to expand beyond the suburbs, apartments with at least 50 houses were built in various areas.


With the growth of the information technology sector after the year 2000, people started migrating in large numbers in flats on the city’s main connecting roads including ECR, OMR, GST Road, Poonamallee Road, Bangalore Road and Tirupati Road.

Increasing desire for a separate home …

In this case, construction companies report that people are increasingly interested in buying detached houses after the Corona period. Houses in apartment buildings are often built in the same design. Similarly, the lands on which the apartments are located are owned by construction companies. For reasons such as these, people are said to prefer individual homes. The rapid spread of the infection in many apartments during the Corona period is said to be the main reason for people to invade individual houses.


As a result, a large number of ‘villa’ type houses are currently being built by construction companies in the suburbs of Chennai. People love it because it is built not only as individual houses but also in the design desired by the customers. Due to this, more ‘villa’ houses will be built in the coming years than apartment houses in areas including OMR and ECR. Construction experts say the price of detached houses in ECR areas has increased by 5 to 15 percent as more and more people want to buy detached houses. Construction companies say the lure of individual homes due to the value of the land is driving customers towards homes after the corona period, as it costs 30 to 40 percent to build individual houses rather than 1000-square-foot apartment houses.

Reporter – N.Pala Vetrivel



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