Atiq Ahmed afraid of encounter? Does not want to go to Prayagraj from Gujarat Pipa News


Atiq Ahmed afraid of encounter? Does not want to go to Prayagraj from Gujarat

  • Atiq Ahmed appealed to the Supreme Court for protection
  • Atiq Ahmed is currently lodged in Gujarat’s Sabarmati Jail
  • The Yogi government is preparing to bring him to UP jail

Baahubali Atiq Ahmed, locked up in Gujarat’s Sabarmati Jail, does not want to come to Uttar Pradesh. He has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking his protection. The fear of encounter is bothering him. There was talk that the Yogi government was preparing to bring Atiq Ahmed to UP jail in connection with the Umesh Pal murder case of Prayagraj. On Wednesday, the palatial house of Atiq’s Khas Javed Ahmed was bulldozed. This house is said to be worth three crores.

After Umesh Pal’s murder, all the accused came to Javed Ahmed’s house. Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen met everyone here. Atiq Ahmed is lodged in a Gujarat jail in connection with the murder of former BSP MLA Raju Pal in Prayagraj 18 years ago. Raju Pal was an important witness in this case. Last week, like Raju Pal, Umesh Pal was also fired upon by assailants. A gunner of Umesh Pal was also killed in this attack.

A shooter was killed in the encounter

Some CCTV footage related to Umesh Pal’s murder went viral. In which seven attackers were identified. Out of which the shooter Arbaaz has been killed in the encounter. Raids are being conducted in search of Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad, Bomber Guddu Muslim, Ghulam, Armaan, Sabir and Shahrukh alias Pintu. Apart from this, Sadaqat Khan, who was driving the Creta car of the shooters at the time of the incident, has been caught.

Foreign rifle and sword recovered from Javed Ahmed’s house

During the search of Javed Ahmed’s house, the police found foreign rifles and swords. Apart from this, many posters and banners have also been found. In this poster, the slogans of making Atiq’s wife Shaista Parveen the mayor are written. Meanwhile, BJP MP Subrat Pathak says that it will not be surprising if the vehicle of the accused in the Umesh Pal murder case overturns. SP has given protection to criminals. Atiq Ahmed got support in the SP government itself.