Atrocity in Guntur.. Girlfriend’s murder.. Lover strangled with a blade Pipa News

Atrocity in Guntur.. Girlfriend’s murder.. Lover strangled with a blade

In Telugu states and in the country, we are witnessing various atrocities of romanticism every day. We feel sorry for the victims. But they did not break. It is happening like a daily serial. Andhra Pradesh.. Another latest incident in Guntur district. Love maniac who did not agree to marriage. The atrocity took place in Takkellapadu of Pedakakani mandal in the district.


Tapasvi from Krishnapuram, Pamidimukkala Mandal, Krishna District is active on social media. Gnaneshwar from Manikonda, Unguturu mandal, Krishna district, met her through Instagram. After that the words met. Friendship started and turned into love. Tapaswi is studying BDS third year in a medical college in Vijayawada. Gnaneshwar is a software engineer. Both of them have been in Gannavaram for some years. At that time there were frequent quarrels between them. In this order, she filed a complaint against him at the police station in Krishna district.

Police provided counselling. He said that he will not go to her anymore. But the situation has not changed. He is causing trouble often. So Tapasvi told her friend in Takkellapadu. That friend called Gnyaneshwar to her house saying let’s talk to him. A discussion on the upper floor of a friend’s house in Pedakakani mandal of Guntur district at 9 pm on Monday night. Normal again. Even then, Gnaneshwar pressured her to marry him.

Tapasvi says she is marrying another boy. That’s it.. the demon came out in Gnaneshwar. He suddenly took out a blade from his pocket and cut her throat. Seeing that, the friend ran down from the upper floor shouting loudly saying “Baboy”. She told the owner of the house and took her upstairs. Gyaneshwar, who had already dragged her into another room and closed the door, continued the atrocity.

The ascetic, who was unconscious, was wounded by the same thing on the throat. The locals broke the door and went inside. He was arrested and the victim was taken to the hospital. In those circumstances, Gnyaneshwar.. committed suicide by injuring his hand with a blade. The locals stopped him and handed him over to the police. Tapasvi died shortly after being taken to the hospital. Her parents live in Mumbai. The police who informed them are investigating the case.

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