Azam Khan had to apologize to Rama Devi, whom Sonia Gandhi went to: Even then Smriti Irani fought for ‘female honor’


The name of MP Rama Devi is also in the news after Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury’s indecent remarks for President Draupadi Murmu. In fact, when Union Minister Smriti Irani surrounded the Congress leadership on this statement, Sonia Gandhi had reached Rama Devi. During this he told Smriti Irani – You don’t talk to me. That is, don’t talk to me. On Thursday (28 July 2022), all this incident happened in Parliament.

When Smriti Irani surrounded Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury’s remarks inside the house, Sonia Gandhi reached BJP MP Rama Devi and asked, “Why is my name being dragged in the case of Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury’s remarks. What’s my fault in this?” In response, Rama Devi said, “Your mistake is that you chose Choudhary as the leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha.” He said, “If Adhir Ranjan had apologised, the matter would have ended. Instead of getting infuriated, Sonia should admit her mistake and control her leader.”

who is rama devi

Rama Devi was born on 8 August 1948 in Lalganj, Vaishali district in Bihar. He was educated from Muzaffarpur and from there he completed his law degree. 74-year-old Rama Devi first contested from Motihari seat in Bihar in 1998 on an RJD ticket and reached Parliament for the first time defeating Radha Mohan Singh of BJP. Rama had to handle the political legacy after the assassination of her husband Brij Bihari Prasad, who was then a minister in the Bihar government. Her husband was considered a powerful and Bahubali leader.

After this she contested from Motihari in Bihar Assembly Elections 2000 and was elected as RJD MLA in Bihar Legislative Assembly. He defeated Pramod Kumar of BJP. She joined BJP in 2009 after not getting ticket from RJD. BJP gave her ticket from Sheohar and she managed to win the election. In 2014 and 2019 also he was given ticket from Sheohar and registered a big win. The political stature of Rama Devi can be gauged from the fact that she defeated Lovely Anand, wife of Bahubali Anand Mohan, in the political arena in 2009 and 2014.

When Azam Khan had to apologize

In 2019, Azam Khan had to apologize to Rama Devi. On July 25, 2019, during the discussion on Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha, SP leader Azam Khan made indecent remarks on Rama Devi, who was presiding the House. He told Rama Devi, “I like you so much that I feel like keeping my eyes on your eyes.” Such remarks left the presiding MP uneasy for a while.

At that time, Union Minister Smriti Irani criticized Azam Khan’s statement and called it shameful. He had tweeted saying, “Shameful statement made by Azam Khan is a reflection of his character; By defending him, Akhilesh Yadav has also proved that there is no difference in his thinking. One who can behave indecently with a woman in the House, how he would behave with an ordinary woman, it is a matter to think about. Along with this, in another tweet, Smriti had called Azam Khan a blot on all male MPs. After this Azam Khan apologized for his remark and said that Rama Devi is my sister.