Babai Balayya Fire.. Debate on where is Junior NTR..– News18 Telugu Pipa News

Babai Balayya Fire.. Debate on where is Junior NTR..– News18 Telugu

Jr NTR-Balayy: The topic of Health University Name Change is making a fuss in Andhra Pradesh politics. There is an uproar over changing the name of NTR Health University to YSR Health University. All the leaders including Chandrababu Naidu, Nara Lokesh from Telugu Desam Party are angry. They are also prepared for agitations. Not only TDP Leaders.. other party leaders are also responding. BJP, Janasena and Communist Party are also wrong about CM Jagan Mohan Reddy’s decision. But no matter who responds or not, everyone will see the reaction of the Nandamuri family members. Many people from that family have already responded. Recently, MLA and actor Nandamuri Balakrishna expressed deep grief. We strongly condemn the removal of NTR’s name from NTR Health University. Founder of NTR Health University said it is unfortunate that NTR’s name has been removed from the university. They said that removing NTR’s name is an insult to the Telugu nation. He demanded to continue the name of NTR for the health university. This has started a discussion about where is Junior NTR now.. TDP leaders are questioning why Jr. NTR who says that grandfather means respect. Even some fans are starting a discussion saying that if Anna does not respond even now, it will hurt.

Because in the past, during Chandrababu’s tours, fans in many areas including Kuppam demanded that Junior be brought back into the party. But, Chandrababu did not respond anywhere on this. People like Gorantlu Butchaiah Chaudhary openly commented that the party needs the services of juniors. When politics revolves around him like this, there is a lot of discussion about why Tarak is not responding to such a big issue. Read this: This is God’s script.. If Peddayana’s name is changed.. Jagan’s horoscope will change Earlier, Jr. NTR also responded to the inappropriate comments made by Chandrababu Naidu’s wife Nara Bhuvaneshwari in the Assembly. However, the TDP leaders criticized him saying that he did not respond that strongly. But now the question of TDP circles is why NTR is not responding even if the name of his grandfather, whom he claims to be idolized, is removed from the university. Read this: CM Jagan’s invitation to come to Tirumala on 27th of this month. The action of the ruling YCP is being blamed. She opined that the name of Swargiya Nandamuri NTR is right for the health university started in 1986 by BJP leader NTR’s daughter. But now unexpectedly.. without any discussion.. he said that removing NTR’s name just for political reasons is not the right move. NTR founded the university, she asked what is the connection with YSR.

Nandamuri Ramakrishtha, son of late NT Rama Rao, has condemned the removal of the name of Dr. NTR Medical Health University. He demanded that the university should continue with NTR’s name. NTR is said to be the founder and founder of this university. He said that it is their idea that all medical colleges should follow the same policy. It is with that intention that this Medical Medical Health University was established in 1986. Ramakrishtha reminded that all the political parties and leaders at that time expressed their support as well as joy towards NTR’s decision.

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