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Babita of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ talks about her pregnancy news

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Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online): Actress Munmun Dutta, known for her role as Babita Iyer in the popular Indian television show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’, has strongly refuted pregnancy rumors following news of her engagement, labeling them as fake.

Reports circulating in Indian media suggested that after the engagement announcement of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ actor Raj Anadkat (Tapu) and actress Munmun Dutta, rumors began to surface about Dutta’s pregnancy.

Taking to her official Instagram story series, Munmun Dutta expressed her frustration with the rumors, highlighting how fake news spreads rapidly and returns like a boomerang. She reiterated that she is neither engaged nor married, and certainly not pregnant.

Emphasizing her Bengali heritage, Dutta stated that she takes pride in openly sharing details about her personal life, including marriage, irrespective of her husband’s age. She urged to divert energy away from addressing fake news and focus on positivity, as life is beautiful and God is gracious.

It’s worth noting that dating rumors surrounding Raj Anadkat and Munmun Dutta have been circulating since 2021, with both actors consistently denying such reports and condemning those responsible for spreading baseless rumors.

Meanwhile, some Indian media outlets have claimed that the entire cast of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ is aware of the romantic relationship between Raj Anadkat and Munmun Dutta, speculating that marriage may be on the cards for the couple in the near future.

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