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Bad Shah of Bollywood hit with “Pathan”..?

After a gap of four years Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan is back to break the box office with the movie “Pathan”. Actors like Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in key roles … Pathan movie starring Salman Khan in a special appearance … was released on the occasion of Republic Day. The first show of Pathan’s film, which created a lot of hype with its trailer and songs, was held. And what about the story of Pathan..? What is Shah Rukh’s role in Pathan? Did Pathan impress the audience? Has Shahrukh Khan, who has not had a hit in the last 9 years, got a hit..? Let’s see..

What is the real story…?

Pathan (Shah Rukh Khan) is a “Raw” agent in India. He heads operations on behalf of India to foil conspiracies against India in other countries. But after India revokes Article 370..a colonel from Pakistan..conspires to attack the country. For this he turns to Jim (John Abraham), the chief of the private agency Out Pit X. Jim, who grew to hate India due to an incident, joins hands with Pakistan. Jim plans a bio-war on the country with the concept of blood bee. How did Pathan prevent this bio war? is the original story. Jim, who works in the Indian Army, why did he have to move to the country? Will Rubina (Deepika Padkune), a Pakistani ISI agent, cheat Pathan in the name of love or really love her…? What is Rakt Beej? Why will Rubina from Pakistan help India..? Did Pathan stop the Rakt Beej operation..? What is the role of Tiger (Salman Khan) in this story..? Pathan movie is the answer to such questions.

First off..

Pathan begins by making a deal with Jim (John Abraham) to launch a biological war against Pakistan, India, which has grown hostile after the abrogation of Article 370. After that, Pathan makes an entry in order to take steps above Pakistan’s conspiracies and moves. After that Deepika Padukone’s entry.. Besharam Rang Song, John Abraham and Shahrukh’s action scenes are impressive. And Rubina cheating on Pathan and Rakht Beej plan will take the interval card.

Second half..

In the second part, the scenes like Rakht Beej bringing chemicals from Russia. At that time Tiger (Salman Khan) entry gives kick to the fans. Salman Khan is only 10 minutes long..the movie goes to another level with his character. The scenes between Salman and Shah Rukh can be said to be a visual treat for the fans. But although the scenes look good..the routine story does not arouse much interest. The viewer can anticipate the twists. But it can be said that the scenes of Shahrukh Khan, Deepika and John Abraham took the movie to another level. But the director has succeeded in making the audience stay in the theater till the climax.

Who did it?

Pathan’s character as a Raw agent is effectively played by Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan acted brilliantly in scenes like action, romance and patriotism. Once again with a six pack. It can be said that Deepika Padukone is the glamor attraction of Pathan movie. She acted super in some action scenes. John Abraham acted in a strong character in this movie. Pathan is portrayed by John Abraham in a bold character. John Abraham was the perfect choice for the role of Jim. Salman Khan’s entry is a treat for fans. Whistles rang out in the theaters as two superstars appeared at the same time. 10 minutes after the interval, Salman appears for another 5 minutes in the climax and takes the movie to another level.

Cinematography and background music are highlights of Pathan movie. Sachith Pauloz has shown the action scenes wonderfully. In some action scenes…emotional scenes music directors Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara rocked with BGM. Also, Besharam Rang, Pathan songs gave fans a good boost. But some scenes in the movie Pathan bring to mind a war movie. In a story that usually runs until just before the interval…then the pace picks up. Some scenes seem over. All in all “Pathan” is a movie like a festival for Shahrukh and Salman fans.