Balochistan farmers announce closure of national highway against power outages


Qalat: Farmers of Balochistan announced closure of Quetta-Karachi highway on July 4 against prolonged load shedding in the province.

According to Express News, Zamindar Kisan Ittehad held an emergency meeting against prolonged power outages in Balochistan, which was chaired by Central President Agha Lal Jan Ahmadzai.

At the meeting, the farmers leaders expressed their concerns over the prolonged and unannounced load shedding of electricity and termed it as economic murder of landlords.

The leader of Kisan Ittehad said that economic murder of farmers and landlords by WAPDA will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Axion WAPDA does not want to solve our problems.

He announced that Quetta-Karachi National Highway would be blocked on July 4 against the power outage so transporters and people should avoid unnecessary travel on July 4.