Banaskantha: Crowd of tourists on Seema Darshan, Nadabet border also became a sea Banaskantha Crowd of tourists on Seema Darshan, Nadabet also became a sea

A huge crowd of tourists is seen at Seema Darshan of Banaskantha. Tourists have flocked to see the sea, which turns into a desert sea at the Nadabet border.

TV9 GUJARATI | Edited By: Chandrakant Kanoja

Jul 31, 2022 | 11:15 PM

of Banaskantha in Gujarat (Banaskantha) Tourists on Seema Darshan(Tourist) Huge crowd is seen. In which Nadabet (Nadabet) Tourists have flocked to see the sea, the desert becoming a sea on the border. In which tourists lined up to buy tickets to see Seema Darshan. Also, after the launch of the Seema Darshan project, a large number of tourists are coming to Seema Darshan.

Apart from this, the installation of 14 solar trees to illuminate the currently opened Nadabet tourist spot with solar energy was carried out in the Seemadarshan-Border Tourism Project. And, for all the tourists coming for Seema Darshan to get familiar with the security forces-army preparedness, a platform will be built on the road from TJunction to Zero Point with Surface to Surface Missile, Surface to Air Missile, 55 Tank, Artillery Gun, Torpedo, Wing Drop Tank and MiG-27 Aircraft. has been displayed.

On the way from Suigam to Nadabet, take a separate road to Nadeshwari temple and after darshan, return here at the T junction at a distance of 500 meters by paying an entrance fee of Rs.100 per person. From there you will be taken to the Zero Line by bus. In which all museums can be seen from inside. Only adventure activity charges have to be paid separately.

The Seema Darshan project is a unique program that combines local information and the work done by the Indian Border Security Force to protect the Indian border with the employment of local people. Under this Seema Darshan programme, tourists from the state and outside the state get an opportunity to witness first-hand the exciting work done by the Indian Border Security Force at Nadabet- Zero Point to preserve and protect the borders of our country.


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