Bangladesh witnesses massive fuel price hike

Sukumar Sarkar, Dhaka: After Sri Lanka, this time Bangladesh (Bangladesh). In another country neighboring India, fuel prices increased at a huge rate. We are in trouble due to the abnormal increase in the prices of petrol, diesel and octane. Due to the abnormal increase in the price of fuel last November, bus, steamer fares were increased at an abnormal rate. People are afraid that something like this may happen this time too. There are already protests going on in the district over the price hike. Experts are matching the increase in the price of energy in Bangladesh with the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.

The new fuel prices have come into effect in Bangladesh since 12:00 PM on Friday. The prices of diesel and kerosene have increased by Rs 34 in one fell swoop. Both fuel prices crossed the century mark after the price hike. The price of diesel and kerosene has increased from Tk 80 to Tk 114 per litre. Petrol prices have also increased. It has increased from 86 taka to 130 taka. After crossing the century, the price of octane stood at 135 rupees. The mob alleged that after the hike in diesel prices last November, bus fares were hiked by around 27 percent, launch fares were hiked by 35 percent, which is much higher than the rate of hike in oil prices.

[আরও পড়ুন: ঘরোয়া ভিতু মেয়ে থেকে মারকুটে অবতার, আসছে নতুন ধারাবাহিক ‘জগদ্ধাত্রী’]

Long queues formed in front of petrol pumps as the news of the price hike came out. However, many petrol pumps stop selling fuel at night. As a result, extreme chaos is created. The Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association has come forward to demand a reduction in fuel prices. By issuing a statement, they claimed, “Although the price of fuel oil has increased in the world market, the oil market is currently in a downward trend. At this time, without monitoring the market, the decision to increase fuel prices simply to implement IMF prescriptions is irrational and anti-people. Withdrawal of the hiked rates forthwith, maintaining the previous rates.”

International relations experts are considering the increase in the price of this fuel in Bangladesh as an ominous signal. At the start of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, fuel prices rose at an unusual rate. After that, the prices of daily essentials increased uncontrollably. The question is whether that history is going to be repeated in Bangladesh.

[আরও পড়ুন: মাঝগঙ্গায় দাউদাউ আগুন, বিহারে বালিবোঝাই নৌকায় সিলিন্ডার বিস্ফোরণে মৃত অন্তত ৪]

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