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Bani PTI adjourned the preliminary hearing indefinitely through video link

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ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing of petitions against the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) reforms for an indefinite period where Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said that through the ordinances you imposed the will- on a person across the country.

In the Supreme Court, a 5-member larger bench headed by Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa heard the federal government’s intra-court appeal in the NAB amendments case, while Justice Aminuddin, Justice Jamal Mandukhel, Justice Athar Minullah and Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi joined them in the bench

Attorney General Mansoor Awan and assistant lawyer Khawaja Haris also appeared in court During the hearing, Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa called the Attorney General to the rostrum, lawyer Khawaja Haris also came to the rostrum.

PTI founder Imran Khan was presented in court through a video link from Adiala Jail At the start of the hearing, the Chief Justice asked the Attorney General, has the video link been established? In this, the Attorney General said that the G-Video link has been established.

It is worth noting that the hearing of the case was not telecasted live without any reason given, it should be noted that the hearing was telecasted live yesterday.

Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa spoke to Khawaja Haris that you were the lawyer in the original case, it is disappointing that you did not come, we also want to hear your opinion, did you submit the fee bill as a lawyer? To this, lawyer Khawaja Haris replied that I do not want compensation. Where the Chief Justice said that you are senior among all lawyers.

Later, the federal government’s lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan started the arguments and said that the NAB amendments case is pending in the Islamabad High Court establishing PTI on the link can also listen to you.

Justice Athar Minullah asked if the petition pending in the High Court was approved for hearing. The federal government’s lawyer said yes it was declared admissible, Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said to get the complete record of the case against the NAB amendments from the Islamabad High Court.

The Chief Justice asked Khawaja Haris, will you advocate in this case? The lawyer said yes, I will help the court.

Later, the court called for the hearing order held by the Islamabad High Court in the NAB amendment case.

Government lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan continued the arguments and said that the first hearing against the NAB amendments was held in July 2022. Justice Athar Manullah asked how many hearings were held yesterday? The Advocate Federal Government said a total of 53 hearings were held.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan asked why the case was going on for so long. Are you prolonging the case? To whose lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan answered yes, the petitioner spent more time on arguments, Justice Jamal Mandukhel said how much time was required to enact the NAB law of 1999? In this, the Attorney General said that immediately after the martial law, the NAB became a law within a month. The Chief Justice asked when the petition against NAB amendments was filed in the Islamabad High Court? Makhdoom Ali Khan said that the application was filed in the Islamabad High Court on July 4, 2022, the Supreme Court application was numbered on July 6, 2022.

Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said why did the main case take so long? Makhdoom Ali Khan said the petitioner’s counsel took the entire year of 2022 in arguments, Justice Jamal Khan Mandukhel said how much time is required to implement the entire NAB ordinance? Where the Attorney General told the court that Musharraf assumed power on October 12 and the ordinance came in December, Musharraf made the entire ordinance in less than 2 months.

The Chief Justice said why did it take so long to hear the case related to some amendments? Makhdoom Ali Khan is in your case, why is it taking so long? Makhdoom Ali Khan said that it takes a lot of time to discuss the admissibility of the case. The Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faiz Isa said it was a big surprise that the NAB reform case was held for 53 hearings.

The Chief Justice further inquired as to how this case would be heard by the Supreme Court while it was pending in the High Court. Did the court answer this question in the decision in the main case? Makhdoom Ali Khan said yes, the court discussed this issue in the verdict.

Later, Makhdoom Ali Khan read the relevant paragraph of the Supreme Court decision in the court.

During the hearing, Imran Khan called the police officers present and complained about the strong light falling on his face, after complaining, the officers adjusted the light.

During the hearing, Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said can the Chief Justice remove any judge from the bench? Justice Athar Manullah said that the 7-member bench said that there should be an election in two 90 but it did not happen, where Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said that the 3-member bench headed by me decided to make in the election of only 12, practice and procedure We gave the order of the court in the case, the 21st amendment was also ordered by the court.

On the other hand, a lawyer came to the rostrum and said that the proceedings are not telecast live, the Chief Justice said that you should sit while the arguments are going on, the lawyer said that we just want to announce that it was seated in Chief Justice is the lawyer.

Then Justice Athar Manullah said that a lot of water has passed under the bridges, is it right or wrong to suspend the practice and procedure but even though it was suspended by the order of this court, the committee is not there because of the suspension of The Government of the Act .

Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said that if the law is not correct, then it will be declared null and void, if the suspension of laws continues in this way, how will the country progress, if you don’t like the law, listen to whole case and delete it.

Justice Jamal Mandukhel said the suspension of a bill does not suspend the proceedings of the Parliament. The Chief Justice said why not suspend the Parliament? Even if we break the law or break the military it’s the same thing, how long can we fool ourselves?

Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said that if I don’t like a law, I will suspend it, is that honesty? Can we continue to progress as a nation? If you used to suspend a law and then hear the case day by day and decide, is it not exploitative to suspend the law and make a bench against it and keep hearing other cases, Makhdoom Ali Khan said that you are the oldest? The judge raised this point, the Chief Justice said you should leave it, don’t you have your own point?

Justice Athar Manullah said that the appeal can be filed by the affected party and it can be any person, how can the government be the affected party in this case? According to practice and procedure, only the victim brings the appeal. Available only to the victim, the aggrieved party can also have members of the government bench pass the bill, if this happens, 150 petitioners will stand before us, Justice Athar Manullah said the lawmakers wrote the word of the aggrieved party

The Chief Justice added that if there is a case that comes to the court, it must be heard and judged every day, the suspension of the law has also damaged the system.

Justice Jamal Mandukhel said that it would have been better if we continued on merit The Chief Justice said that instead of suspending the law, it should be heard and decided on a daily basis, Justice Athar Manullah said that the Practice and Procedure Act According to clause two, the affected person can appeal How is the government a person affected Qazi Faiz Isa said that if the Supreme Court declares the Customs Act void, can the government not participate? Government lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan argued that of course the government could appeal.

During the hearing, the PTI founder kept talking to the person sitting with him.

Later, Makhdoom Ali Khan continued his speech and said that following the NAB Rules 2022, amendments were also made in 2023, the court declared the amendments in 2022 void. Lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan said this technical objection also exists, Chief Justice of Pakistan said we will get answers from Imran Khan on these questions, founder PTI should consider these point.

The Chief Justice smiled under his lips with the words, Imran Khan put his hand on his mouth and smiled after seeing the smile of the Chief Justice.

Makhdoom Ali Khan, the lawyer of the federal government, continued this point and said that Imran Khan could have changed the law but he brought the ordinance, the matter of NAB amendments was a parliamentary dispute that was brought to the Supreme Court occasion, the court stopped lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan from using those words.

Justice Jamal Mandukhel said can a party member vote against his party’s decision on a bill? Shouldn’t the president write detailed reasons for the ordinance Justice Athar Manullah said strengthening parliament is the job of politicians.

Later, the court adjourned the hearing for an indefinite period and directed Imran Khan to show the video link in the next hearing as well.

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