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Bank Prosper if Customers Prosper: Fate Line

Kalaburagi, Jan. 25: Banks will be prosperous only if customers are prosperous. Bhagyarekha S, Distribution Manager, Karnataka Gramin Bank, said that banks should not look at business and work with service spirit.

He addressed the Loan Mela held on Wednesday in the premises of Sharanbasaveshwara temple in the city. Karnataka Gramin Bank has many insurances that are useful for customers. They should be made to touch the people. Loans are being given at low rates for projects like agriculture loan ˌ vehicle loan ˌ house construction. Money deposited with us is also guaranteed. He said, “Our bank does not think back to give a loan even for the purchase of new land.”

Assistant Grant Manager Gururaj Kulkarni said that customers should maintain a good relationship with the bank. We have given a loan of 30 lakhs to the jaggery makers from our bank. He said that half of the money has been given in the form of subsidy.

CUDA President Avinash Kulkarni ˌ Pradeep Kumar ˌ Raghavendra Gajare ˌ Lokesh Chavan ˌ Pradeep Thigadi ˌ Pradeep Bangara ˌ Rahul Harana ˌ Praveen Kumar and others were present. Narrated by Rajarashmi. Dattatreya Kulkarni saluted.

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