Bank Strike: Bank Unions Strike Avoided, Works Will Not Stop on June 27 Bank strike on June 27 postponed unions ready to negotiate

An agreement has been reached between the IBA and banking institutions for communication. According to the agreement, different demands of the bank associations will be discussed on July 1. This information was given by CH Venkatachalam, General Secretary, AIBEA.

Bank unions have postponed a proposed strike on June 27. The unions say they will sit down to discuss their demands and focus on resolving the issue through dialogue. Following their demands, the bank’s unions planned a strike on June 27. But the Indian Banks Association (IBA) It is ready to consider these demands, after which the strike has been postponed. United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBA)This includes nine different unions of banks that were to go on strike. The strike was called off five days a week for demands such as work and pensions. Employees of banks want to restore the old pension scheme by replacing the national pension scheme.

There are 9 different banking associations in the country under the United Forum of Bank Unions. These include the All India Bank Officers Confederation, the All India Bank Employees Association and the National Organization of Bank Workers. The unions warned of a strike with pensions and demands for work five days a week. These demands of the bank employees are old and they say that the government is not paying attention to them. Banks’ unions have gone on strike, with plans to close on June 27. But now the matter is likely to be resolved through talks, after which the unions have called off the strike.

The conversation will take place on July 1st

An understanding has been reached between the IBE and the banking associations for dialogue. According to the agreement, different demands of the bank associations will be discussed on July 1. This information was given by AIBEA General Secretary CH Venkatchalam and said that talks on the demands would be initiated under the chairmanship of the Chief Labor Commissioner. Bank associations and unions have demanded a change in the pensions of all pensioners. The association of banks does not want to join the National Pension Scheme (NPS) and wants to reinstate the old pension scheme. The unions demand that all banking employees be given pensions in the old pension system and NPS be met. Employees working in banks want 5 days work and 2 days leave in a week. Protests are already underway on the issue.

7 lakh bank employees warned

Soumya Dutta, general secretary of the All India Banking Officers’ Confederation, recently said that about 7 lakh bank employees from across the country would take part in the June 27 strike. If the government and the bank management do not accept their demands, the strike will continue. Dutta said both the government and the management were not paying attention to the demands of the bank employees. Which has led to the employees going on strike. People will be greatly affected if they go on strike. But over time, the Indian Banking Association is ready to talk. On this basis, the banking unions have postponed the June 27 strike for now.

There were also strikes in March

The unions had earlier gone on strike in early March, severely affecting the functioning of banks. The unions went on strike in protest of the government’s move, which decided to privatize two state-owned banks. The budget decided to privatize the banks. Bank unions do not want privatization of banks under any circumstances. Bank unions also demanded an increase in interest rates on deposits and a reduction in service charges. Banking operations in Kerala, Bengal and Tamil Nadu were badly affected. Bank employees in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh went on strike the next day and went on strike. Employees from other sectors besides the bank also went on strike against the government’s policies.



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