Banned BBC documentary shown at Hyderabad University, tensions run high Pipa News

Banned BBC documentary shown at Hyderabad University, tensions run high

Digital Desk: PM Narendra Modi BBC made a documentary about it. But since the release of this documentary, intense controversy has started. The Center has strongly criticized this documentary, even a ban has been issued by the Center on this documentary. But Hyderabad University did not accept any ban. It is known that Hyderabad University has screened this banned documentary. And this has started a huge uproar.
Incidentally, it is known that this special screening was arranged at the University of Hyderabad on the evening of 21st January on the initiative of Student Islamic Organization and Muslim Student Federation. It is said that even about 50 students came to watch this documentary. ABVP has already filed an FIR against the two student organizations as soon as the incident came to light. On the other hand, the accused students claimed that they did not commit any immoral act in the campus.
Screening of this documentary was arranged before the ban was imposed. However, the complaining student organization refuses to accept this. On the other hand, it has been informed by the police that no complaint has been filed so far in this regard. On the other hand, arrangements have been made to show this banned documentary at JNU campus at 9 pm on Tuesday. But before that JNU authorities have warned the union. Now it is not clear how far that warning will be obeyed in JNU University. However, if the ban is not obeyed, we can be sure that there will be a big disturbance in the university again. On the other hand, the situation has become quite tense after the banned documentary was shown in Hyderabad University. In that case, the authorities are keeping a close eye on whether any kind of unrest starts.

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