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Some people often make noise on the roads in the name of prank videos. Mainly YouTubers.. If they see girls on the road.. they are chasing them. In the same way.. Proposing, comments on dresses. Sometimes they behave beyond the limits. In this order sometimes.. fun pranks are going to a bit.. controversies. The video belonging to this category has now become a viral video on social media.

Full details.. Two men went to a barber shop. It was thought that the person in the shop had come to cut. He was seated in a chair. A scarf is wrapped around his head. Barber.. put a cloth on his medal. Then the customer removed the turban from his head. Immediately he was furious. The customer doesn’t even have a single hair on his head.

Seeing this, the barber slapped the customer on the head for spending time with him on purpose. However.. another person who was there recorded this on his mobile. They both seem to have done this as part of a prank. Now this video has become viral on social media. Seeing this, the netizens are commenting saying, “Warni.. Is this me?”

Meanwhile, a monkey saved her child’s life.

The baby monkey put some seeds in its mouth. After a while it will be troublesome. Sadly..the baby monkey tries to chew the swallowed nuts. But it is not possible. Mother monkey noticed all this. Immediately held the baby monkey tightly. She held her baby in both her hands.

She shook it a little up and down so that the contents stuck in the stomach would come out. By this, the baby monkey swallowed the seeds and got baitak from its mouth. This has been done many times. As the seeds fell out of the stomach, the baby monkey suffocated. After that.. she hugs her mother and plays. Now this video has become a viral video on social media.

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