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Be warned, Labour’s silence on the cost of living crisis is deafening PiPa News

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Be warned, Labour’s silence on the cost of living crisis is deafening

A new poll found that eight in 10 people expect January to be the toughest month yet financially.

With rents and mortgages, food costs and energy bills still putting a strain on everyone’s finances, it’s no wonder people are disillusioned with the Westminster bubble.

The survey, carried out by Nationwide, shows that 84% of people in the UK are worried about spending in January, with 43% blaming high energy costs and 37% blaming the cost of living crisis.

It comes after Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer confirmed his party will not redistribute wealth from the richest to the poorest if they win the next general election. , nor is it right to invest in renewable energy.


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Over the past year, Sir Keir has dismantled Labour’s policy platform and staged a series of u-turns.

Free university tuition? Scrapping tax breaks for private schools? Abolish the bedroom tax and two child caps? Tax higher income? Invest £28 billion in a fair transition? Voters watched in horror as the Labor leadership rejected every policy.

The Labor Party is now indistinguishable from the Tories when it comes to policy. Starmer doesn’t even want to stand up and call for a ceasefire in Gaza until there are similar noises from Tory politicians. Now he has surrendered their right to statehood.

Throwing out policies, rejecting values ​​and avoiding decisions is the only thing that characterizes the Labor leader, who does not trust the public. As such, Labor is failing working people while the Tories clash with the hard right of the political spectrum and fall into internecine conflict.

It is clearer than ever that none of the parties in Westminster are focused on the priorities of the people – they are too concerned with image, internal fights and their own electoral prospects. Even during the development of the Finance bill, the process that follows the Chancellor’s Autumn statement, the Labor party has refused to bring itself or support the SNP’s initiatives to help people, now, in their time of need. .

We are asking for last year’s £400 energy rebate to be returned, because bills are higher than 12 months ago, we are asking for intervention in food prices, which is happening in other countries and in fact for various measures of rent, debt and so on. They even abstained on an SNP motion to add to the finance bill, a requirement for the Tories to report on the impact of the budget on the cost of living.

The silence from Labor is not only deafening it is a warning for the future. The truth is that, once in power, it is an open secret that they will continue the Tories’ harsh austerity program. There is not a tangible measure of support for struggling households to give them help, when they need it, that is now – and for the foreseeable future – on offer from the Labor Party. Their rhetoric is indistinguishable from that of the Tories under Cameron. As with Brexit, their selling point is that they will, in a way, make the public self-destructive ‘better’

This is a sales pitch straight to Tory voters and a rejection of basic principles, not just for the poor but for the increasingly struggling families being dragged into the financial crisis.

With each passing day, it is clear that the SNP is the only one offering voters an alternative to this Westminster-created cost of living crisis.

Households across the UK are crying out for support, this, the most difficult month yet, should see support given, and, although it is not surprising that the Tories have no mercy on this issue is sure that the oppositions have to fight. for this. The SNP is, where is Labour? They abstained to avoid angering those they wanted to recruit.

And for most of them, it does. This is certainly the case, as the temperature drops, prices remain high and Westminster leaves them to suffer.

Only the SNP promotes the investment needed to boost economic growth, expand our exciting renewable sector, and protect our NHS for households across Scotland.

This election won’t come soon enough – and when it does, it will be clear to Scottish voters that Labor and the Tories are just two sides of the same coin.

The SNP stand for actually making a real difference for people and providing the change they need. Goodness knows that after decades of boom and bust on this lot, they need it.

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