Beanbag gun used on knife-wielding patient at BC Women’s Hospital: Police Pipa News

Beanbag gun used on knife-wielding patient at BC Women’s Hospital: Police

According to the Vancouver Police Department, a patient armed with a knife chased a doctor at B.C. Women’s Hospital and tried to access a closed nursery as staff hid from him, an investigation underway.

Sergeant Steve Edison said he had heard 911 calls from staff and social workers intimidated by the woman, whose child is also a patient at the hospital.

An officer shot the woman with a beanbag gun to subdue him, who police said was 30 years old.

Edison said the incident came to light after discussions about potentially restricting access to the woman’s baby in the hospital.

CBC has contacted a lawyer who has spoken to the woman. The advocate will speak to the media on Friday afternoon.

The provincial health services authority said in a statement that it wanted to reassure the public that the issue was contained.

“Our premises remain safe and secure for patients, their families and staff and visitors,” the statement said. “No one was seriously hurt.”

According to Edison, the woman was treated in hospital for minor injuries to her lower body. He compared being hit with a beanbag to being hit by a major league fastball.

Vancouver police have recently faced investigation after the death of a man who was shot with a beanbag gun on the Downtown Eastside. Police have defended using beanbag guns as a “less lethal” way to subdue a suspect.

Vancouver police took unusual step posting a long twitter thread About the incident at BC Women’s Hospital.

Edison said the woman was arrested and charges could include knife possession, assault and breach of probation.

more to come.


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