Beijing-based center for China-Pakistan cooperation launched Pipa News

Beijing-based center for China-Pakistan cooperation launched

The establishment of the “China-Pakistan Science and Technology Cooperation Center” in Beijing by the Pakistani Special Technology Zone Authority (STZA) and the Chinese Zhongguancun Belt and Road Industrial Promotion Association (ZBRA) is an important step towards enhancing bilateral cooperation in science and technology. Technology (S&T). Over 3,000 Chinese technology enterprises virtually attended the opening ceremony of the centre, which was held at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing.

During Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s recent visit to China, the technology sector emerged as a pillar of China-Pakistan cooperation, as evidenced by the creation of the S&T Joint Working Group and the Information Technology Joint Working Group under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. is clear from As per the remarks made at the event by Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Moin-ul-Haq (CPEC).

ZBRA president, Zhang Xiaodong, made the following statement during the event: “Taking the center as a platform, we would like to encourage all parties, especially high-tech firms and institutions in China and Pakistan, to engage in science and resources development and Will mobilize for allocation. Technology cooperation.”

He said a delegation of Chinese S&T companies would visit Pakistan next year to look at the potential opportunities. Director of Strategic Planning and Regulatory Affairs (STZA), Hamza Saeed Orakzai, described the S&T center as a “liaison office for Chinese enterprises” and said that in addition to fostering S&T innovations, inter-personal and student-to- The student collaboration network will be set up to create a business-to-business platform for transfer of technology and promotion of international investments.

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