Bengaluru Rains pump rental agency business improved Pipa News

Bengaluru Rains pump rental agency business improved

It is not wrong to say that Bengaluru has been receiving heavy rains for the past few days, most of the areas in the city have been flooded and the people there are not able to come out of their houses and are asking for help for food and water as well as for their lives. In general, Varuna’s uproar is so loud that water is standing up to the chest in the parking lots of large apartments in many areas, and the vehicles parked there are completely submerged.

Apart from this, even on the main roads, due to the lack of proper drainage system, the rain water accumulates and the motorists also struggle to go to their offices and companies. If this incessant torrential rain is giving people a nightmare, then it can be said that even the rent of pump set in Bangalore has reached its limit.

Pump set rental business

Yes, everyone uses these pump sets to remove standing water from basements and compounds of their homes. It is not in everyone’s house, it has to be rented and used. So it can be said that the business of this pump set renter has done very well.

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Pump set agencies

Due to the high demand for pump sets, the pump set rental agencies are said to be charging the residents of Bangalore much more than usual. On a normal non-rainy day, these agencies charge Rs 2,000 a day for renting a 2 BP pump set. But in the last one week, the operators of these pump sets have hiked the rental rates to Rs 12,000 with an additional Rs 1,000 as night allowance.

Flooded basements

The basements of the apartments near the Nalluruhalli lake are still flooded due to the rain on Monday night. The condition of around five residential apartments is also said to be unclear as similar rains are expected in the next few days. Along with the water in the basements, the walls are also said to have collapsed in many places.

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Venkatesh Adikeshavan of GSR Srinivasam Apartments said his family had spent Rs 60,000 on renting pump sets for the past one week.

“On Monday, we stopped using the pumps, as we knew in this rain that it was a waste. Just 15 minutes after emptying the basement, water was flowing back in from nearby lakes,” he said. GSR Srinivasam is said to own 32 apartments.

The rent is Rs 2,000 per day

Shakespeare, a resident of Malibu Paloma, said, “We are paying the operator Rs 14,000 for the pump, including transport and allowance. In the last three days we have rented two pump sets and the residents also spent 40,000 rupees on their rental. The apartment has now bought a set that pumps 1,100 liters of water per minute. He said the agencies have hiked the rent of 2 BP pump sets from Rs 2,000 to Rs 12,000 per day.

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