Bhanu’s wife Geeta Bagh in Egra blast case came under CID’s scanner Pipa News


Bhanu’s wife Geeta Bagh in Egra blast case came under CID’s scanner

East Midnapore: Geeta Bagh, wife of late prime accused Krishnapad alias Bhanu Bagh, in the blast case in Khadikul village of Egra in East Midnapore district, was finally arrested by the CID from neighboring Odisha late on Tuesday night. According to police sources, Geeta was hiding at a relative’s house in Orissa after the blast last Tuesday. Bhanu’s son and nephew have also been arrested in this case. According to police sources, after interrogating the arrested accused, Geeta Bagh was traced and arrested.
It is being told that Krishnapad Bagh used to run an illegal firecracker factory in Khadikul village of Egra and his wife Geeta, son Prithvijit and nephew Indrajit knew about his business. After the blast in that illegal firecracker factory last Tuesday, four people including the owner of the factory, Krishnapad Bagh alias Bhanu Bagh, had fled. After this, the police started searching for these 4 people and a day after the incident, on Wednesday, Bhanu was found at Rudra Hospital in Cuttack, but at that time his condition was very critical. Bhanu died the same night around 2.30 am. Agra SDPO said, “Four people have been arrested so far for attacking the IC and they also got information that Geeta Bagh has been arrested, though CID is looking into the matter of this arrest.”