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Big Breaking | I cannot be sold for money.. That’s why I swear: Revanth Reddy

Even though the earlier fight was over, the election dispute has now boiled over between the two parties. The war of words continues between Revanth and Itala over the allegations of giving large amount of money to Congress from BRS. With this, Revanth Reddy’s swearing of Bhagyalakshmi Amma on the eve of the festival is causing more scandal. “Neyamma, if you say whatever you want… shall we sit down… it is not good to throw mud at me as a person who fights for Telangana society. I am not afraid of anyone, I will fight as long as I have life,” says Revanth excitedly.
– Internet Desk, Andhraprabha

PCC chief Revanth Reddy became serious about BJP leader Etala Rajender’s comments that during the previous by-election, the Congress party had received Rs. 25 crores from the BRS party. He reached Bhagyalakshi Ammavari Alayam in Hyderabad shortly before Diwala (Saturday) and took oath in front of Ammavari. He said that the allegations made by Eta that he did not take any money and that money was given to him are false. Etala also responded to this and demanded that he take the oath.

The war of words between Congress and BJP leaders is continuing in this matter. Etala alleged that the Congress had no money during the by-election and CM KCR paid all the expenses. Revanth Reddy responded to this yesterday. He said that his party has not received a single rupee from KCR and the Congress party has spent the money. At the same time, Etala was challenged to prove his allegations and that he would take an oath in wet clothes at the Bhagyalakshmi temple on Saturday evening that he did not take money from KCR. Or Etala wants to prove his allegations.

As mentioned, Revanth Reddy came to Bhagyalakshmi temple with a huge convoy. Reached the temple at six o’clock in the evening. At the temple.. Revanth swore that he did not touch money from KCR On the other hand, Etala Rajender’s meeting with activists at his residence has also become a topic of discussion.

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