BJP delegation in Shantinekatan after toddler murder, stages protest Pipa News

BJP delegation in Shantinekatan after toddler murder, stages protest

Nandan Dutta, Siuri: Moldanga of Shantinekatan rioted over child murder. Left, BJP police station protests in phases since morning. On his way to meet the family of the deceased, BJP MP and state secretary Locket Chatterjee faced obstacles. Unable to meet his family, he sat on dharna outside the police station. He even got into a fight with the police. Sarab locket about the inaction of the police. Meanwhile, the court ordered 8 days police custody of the arrested Ruby Bibi.

After being missing for three days, the child’s body was recovered from the neighbor’s roof. In that incident Dhundhumar was tied up in Moldanga village. A police picket was installed in the village on Tuesday night to control the tension. The whole area was at a standstill since Wednesday morning. Aranda is celebrated practically in the whole area. However, the situation was under police control. There are three thousand people living in the village. Most of them are inhabited by minority people. Neighbors came to the dead child’s house and consoled the mother. The child’s family and neighbors demanded severe punishment for the accused. They demand that the accused should be hanged. Or leave it to the villagers. They will punish.

[আরও পড়ুন: প্রাথমিকে দুর্নীতি: ‘পরীক্ষা না দিয়েই নিয়োগপত্র, ব্যাপক অনিয়ম প্রাথমিকে’, হাই কোর্টে দাবি CBI-এর]

Meanwhile, local left supporters came to Santiniketan police station and submitted a deputation. They also protested at Sriniketan intersection. Blocked the road and demanded extreme punishment of the accused. BJP MP Locket Chatterjee is in Santiniketan seat at around 12 o’clock on this day. But before entering the village, the local women started protesting by blocking his way. They claim that they do not want to give any political color to this death. BJP will not be allowed to enter this area. Meanwhile, the OC of Chandrapur police station came and stopped the BJP leader. Palta Netri claims, “I have brought permission. Mother’s lap is empty, I demand her justice.” After that he went to Santiniketan police station. BJP leaders and workers-supporters sat on dharna outside.

The BJP MP alleged that the child’s body was recovered from the roof of the neighboring house after 72 hours of missing. Why didn’t the police find the child?” The MP demanded strict punishment of Santiniketan Police Station OC Partha Ghosh and Birbhum Police Superintendent Nagendranath Tripathi for police failure. Lockett also said, “I have heard that the driver of the vehicle of Anubrata Mondal is a relative of the accused. The entire case is being handled by the police.” Meanwhile, the police also arrested the mother of the accused. Birbhum Superintendent of Police Nagendranath Tripathi claimed that Rubibib’s mother helped her in the murder.

[আরও পড়ুন: ফের খারিজ জামিনের আবেদন, এবার পুজোয় জেলেই থাকতে হবে পার্থ চট্টোপাধ্যায়কে]

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