BJP leaders stage a road blockade in Trichy demanding the release of Surya Siva

BJP’s OBC faction state general secretary Surya was arrested in Trichy this evening. He was booked at the Trichy Cantonment police station under four sections, including gang robbery. The BJP besieged the cantonment police station and staged a protest and later a roadblock demanding his release. This caused a stir in the area.

There was a tussle between the BJP-involved protesters and the police who tried to disperse the protest. Police arrested more than 50 protesters and detained them at a nearby private wedding hall.


On the 11th, a private bus collided with a Tempo Traveler car near Ulundurpet. Among them is a BJP MP and DMK MP. The left side of the car belonging to Surya, son of Trichy Siva, was damaged. Surya has held talks with the owner of the bus in Trichy. In the end, the owner of the bus, Annamalai, promised to pay the insurance company’s extra money to repair the damage to Surya’s car.

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In this situation Surya has tried to contact the owner of the bus by phone for the next 4 days. The owner of the private bus is said to have not accepted anyone’s phone call due to ill health. When contacted again a few days later, Surya is said to have demanded Rs 4.5 lakh in compensation from him. It is said that when the owner of the bus agreed to pay for it, he was forced to pay Rs 5 lakh and the owner of the bus refused to accept Annamalai.


A privately owned bus then stopped near the Trichy bus stand with 20 passengers on board. Surya and 11 of his friends, who were in a rage, got the passengers on the bus down. They then hijacked the bus and demanded money. Surya was arrested based on a complaint lodged by the owner of a private bus, Annamalai. He has been charged with four counts of robbery, intimidation and indecent assault.

Surya was arrested today following this. Against this arrest,More than 50 BJP workers joined the protest a few hours ago. Police arrested them and locked them in a nearby private wedding hall.

Correspondent: Lenin



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