bjp, one day all regional parties in country will end, only BJP will survive: JP Nadda – one day all regional parties in country will end only bjp will survive says bjp president jp nadda

Patna: In the coming time, all the parties in the country will disappear, only the BJP will remain. BJP is a party based on a specific ideology. All parties will perish before your thoughts. BJP national president J.P. asserted that those who remain will also perish. Done by Nadda (JPNadda). He was speaking at a program organized in Bihar on Sunday. This time J.P. Nadda inaugurated 16 district offices of BJP in Bihar. This time J.P. In a very aggressive speech, Nadda warned of the end of regional parties across the country.

Today, there is no national party left to fight the BJP. Our real battle is against nepotism. BJP is a party fighting on an ideology. Without this thought, we would not have been able to fight such a big battle, I keep telling everyone. Everyone is destroyed in front of BJP. Even those that have not happened will come to an end. Only BJP will remain the only party, says J.P. Nadda said.
The name of ‘Eknath Shinde’ on the cash of ten lakhs found in Raut’s house, brother Sunil Raut’s allegation

This time J.P. Nadda also attacked the Congress party. People talk about Congress. I am of the opinion that for the next 40 years, the Congress party cannot stand before the BJP. They cannot match us. The kind of party BJP is, it cannot be achieved in a couple of days. All this comes from sanskar and sanskar comes from party itself. BJP’s ideology is so strong that people who have stayed in other parties for 20 years are coming to it, said J.P. Nadda said.

Sanjay Raut arrested by ED

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut was finally arrested by ED. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) took action against Raut after a seventeen-hour hunt in the Rs 1,200-crore mail scam case. ED raided Sanjay Raut’s house at seven o’clock on Sunday morning. Arrest action has been taken after Sanjay Raut’s statement was recorded till late night. Due to this, the difficulties faced by Shiv Sena have increased.
First front page of ‘Samana’ after Sanjay Raut’s arrest; Massive attack on BJP including Governor
Sanjay Raut’s reaction after being detained by ED

It is being done to weaken Shiv Sena and Maharashtra. It is alleged that all this suppression cycle is going on. I am Shivsainik of Balasaheb Thackeray and Uddhav Thackeray. Sanjay Raut said that I will fight, we will fight, Maharashtra is not that weak, Shiv Sena is not weak.


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