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The BJP (BJP) is making strategic steps in Andhra Pradesh. Action is planning to have more Union Ministers ‘visits to the state in the coming days along with the recent Union Ministers’ visits. What is the BJP action plan in the original AP ..? What is the activity being prepared by Kamal to make the party strong in the state to strengthen the people ..? A series of visits by Union ministers have become interesting as the BJP makes strategic steps in the AP. Soon, Prime Minister Modi’s coming to the AP also became more important.

As Union ministers continue to visit Uttaranchal, Rayalaseema and coastal areas in recent times, a few more ministers are planning to visit the state in the coming days. The BJP is formulating behind-the-scenes tactics to ensure that such situations do not recur as the BJP has been humiliated in every election where mileage has not reached the expected level after the state partition. The state party leaders have already prepared the action plan with the directions of the central leadership and the Union ministers are continuing their tour accordingly.

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Union ministers have given no assurances before the elections on a series of visits. How much have we done from the Center to the State as part of the visits of the Union Ministers .. to what extent have we implemented the guarantees .. to what extent have we given funds .., to what extent have we given any amount. How much is the share given by the center. Union ministers are trying to bring to the notice of the people the extent to which the Center has a share in what is given to the beneficiaries and the extent to which the Central Government gives funds to the state.

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Union ministers, on the other hand, are preparing reports that there is a stake in the state regarding the BJP. During the recent visit of Union Ministers to the state, the Union Party is trying to bring to the notice of the people all the issues pertaining to the party. From the people of Uttaranchal to Rayalaseema, the work of the Central Government is being sought from the people on many fronts.

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BJP leaders have been meeting exclusively with office bearers in each district to take up organizational changes in the party in recent times. What is the party line-up going to be in the state? What is the political view with YCP and TDP? The BJP is making it clear to the office bearers how it is going to move forward in the coming days. Union ministers have become a political hot topic even after the end of Jaypee Nadda’s visit.

The party leaders say that they are making a series of visits to the state on the orders of the central leadership to assure the workers that the BJP is going ahead to become an alternative force in AP. As a part of that, the Union Ministers are making it clear that the senior leaders of the party are making tours in AP. But Kamal Nath says that after Prime Minister Modi’s visit to AP, there will be more enthusiasm in the party cadre.

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