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BJP’s choice of Baramati to attack family rulers

Suhas Jagtap
Pune : The real challenge to the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections will be from the regional parties, except for one of them, most of the parties are family-run. Therefore, BJP has ‘targeted’ Pawar’s Baramati to give a strong blow to the regional family ruling party, the Nationalist Congress Party in Maharashtra, as per the national strategy to shock these parties. This is why Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s d. Baramati tour from 22 is planned.

NCP is the Pawar family of Baramati. Attacking this family itself will accelerate the strategy of discrediting regional family ruling parties. BJP has played a game in choosing Baramati that every action in Baramati will get a lot of publicity and will have repercussions all over the state and the workers will be confused. BJP’s focus is on nepotism in regional parties and the corruption based on it, that’s why the discussion of Ajit Pawar’s water scam started again as soon as Ajit Pawar was elected as the leader of the opposition. Mohit Kamboj tweeted about Rohit Pawar.

In the last two elections, the BJP has been successful in breaking the dominance of the Pawar family in the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. In the 2014 elections, Mahadev Jankar, who contested on the Rashtriya Samaj Party’s symbol with the support of the BJP, got 40 percent of the total votes cast, while Kanchan Kul, who contested on the BJP’s symbol in the 2019 elections, got 41 percent of the votes.

Earlier in any Lok Sabha election, BJP had not got this much success in Baramati Constituency. In this constituency, BJP used to fight the battle of Lutuputu only. Only after this success, BJP defeated Rahul Gandhi last time in Amethi by chanting ‘A for Amethi, B for Baramati’. This time, BJP has decided to instill confidence in the workers by announcing that they will defeat Supriya Sule in Baramati.

Bhimrao Tapkir in Khadakwasla and Rahul Kul in Daund have two BJP MLAs in the constituency; While in Purandar, the BJP will get the strength of former minister Vijay Shivtare’s Shinde group. In Indapur, former minister Harshvardhan Patil, who was in the Congress during the last Lok Sabha elections, was supported by Supriya Sule.

Now he is in BJP. So this time BJP will get a big advantage in Indapur. In Bhor Constituency, Ramesh Konde is in the Shinde group and BJP will get strength. 1 lakh to Supriya Sule last time in Pawar’s Baramati assembly constituency
BJP has focused on reducing the record majority of 25 thousand votes.

After the last election, BJP has focused well on Baramati. Party office has also been opened in Baramati city. BJP leaders have asked MLA Gopichand Padalkar to focus on Baramati as the Dhangar community has an overall predominance in Baramati Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies and he has formed a good alliance. Now Dhangar community MLA Ram Shinde has been appointed as the in-charge of Baramati. BJP has started to seriously contest every election in Baramati. This was seen in the election of Someshwar Cooperative Sugar Factory. Due to this, BJP has started to expand its organization in Baramati Assembly Constituency itself.

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