BJP’s day has increased ‘Dharmantkaran’! General complaint by various organizations of RSS… Pipa News


BJP’s day has increased ‘Dharmantkaran’! General complaint by various organizations of RSS…

Conversion and folk values Various organizations of RSS have been demanding reduction of public status for converted public persons. The ‘Dichpur Chalo’ program is also in hand BJP leaders also have the power of converted public The name of this organization is Janjati Dharma-Sanskriti Suraksha Manch

These organizations are various organizations of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh The organizations are considering the amendment of clause 2 of Article 342 of the Constitution A single clause of the Indian Constitution cuts down the SC status of converts in the case of conversion of Scheduled Caste people, even though all Scheduled Caste people are converted and enjoy equal benefits of reservation for minorities and Scheduled Tribes (ST). The organizations are claiming that all the people who have converted to Islam have the power to even the Deputy Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly. On Wednesday, Guwahati Prech Klawat addressed a news mail and announced the program of Dischpur Chalo to be organized by organizations on 12th February. Khanaparat On that day these organizations 1) Stop conversions Protect the religion and culture of the people 2) Stop the easy conversion of the people by miscegenation 3) Cut the names of the converted people in the ST list 4) Issue ST certificates to the converted people Nowarib, any official post/academic seat or Nowarib seat, the administration sends memorandum containing these demands to the President and Prime Minister of the country.

It should be noted that many indigenous people of Miching, Baro, Karbi, Deuri have abandoned Hinduism and embraced Christianity. 7-20 percent of the people who are affected by the disease are religious. “We have no objection to conversions. This is a personal matter for everyone. But, Chaok Bahute Pralovon has converted simple human beings. Those who were recognized by the people in the beginning of their culture, religion, language, have been converted by the people. BJP is working in the assembly on the day of Assam. There are ST people who have changed their religion. In Efale STs are getting protections and in Anfals are enjoying the welfare of minorities.” — Vinod Kumbang, Convenor of Enedra Koi Janjati Dharma-Sanskrit Suraksha Mancha. It is noteworthy that these various organizations of the RSS have raised the demands of amending the constitution on these sensitive issues with at least emphasis on His Excellency the President of the country, the Prime Minister.

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