Blood like element came out after breaking an egg, Belghoria people surprised

Published by: Tiyasha Sarkar | Posted: June 23, 2022 5:52 pm| Updated: June 23, 2022 6:23 pm

Arnab Das, Barrackpore: Egg cracks before cooking. Eggs are a fluid like blood! The incident on Thursday has caused a stir in the Indrapuri area of ​​Belgharia. Although, as experts say, there is nothing to panic about. However, it is not right to eat such eggs.

According to local sources, Indrani Majumder is a resident of Indrapuri area of ​​Belgharia. She is a school teacher by profession. He was shocked when he cracked the egg for frying on Thursday morning. You see, the red liquid has come out with Kusum. Just like blood. Later, when another egg cracked, he noticed the same thing. Everyone was shocked when the family and neighbors were informed. Asked about the shop from which the eggs were bought, he refused. Naturally, the area is in turmoil.

[আরও পড়ুন: মালদহের পর পূর্ব বর্ধমান, উচ্চমাধ্যমিকে পাশের দাবিতে আন্দোলন করা ছাত্রীর আত্মহত্যা]

In this regard, the teacher Indranidevi said, “Many times after buying eggs, they rot. But, in this case, the egg yolk comes out like blood. I have never seen anything like this before. We did not eat eggs for fear. It’s scary. ” However, veterinarian Mihir Kumar Biswas said, “We buy and eat commercial eggs in the market. There is no problem in that egg. But in farms where eggs are made from chicks, the eggs have somehow been marketed. So this has been the problem. However, there is nothing to panic about. There is no possibility of spreading the virus. However, eating these eggs can lead to diarrhea or stomach ailments. ”

[আরও পড়ুন: বিয়েবাড়ি থেকে ফেরার পথে বিপত্তি, দুর্ঘটনায় প্রাণ গেল এক শিশু-সহ ৪ জনের]

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