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Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan breaks his silence on the news of leaving Galaxy apartment after shooting

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan has broken his silence on the news of leaving the Galaxy apartment after the shooting incident.

According to Indian media, in an interview, Khan said that even if Salman Khan and his family move to another house, the threats will not end.

He added, “Do you think it will end like before? If you think the risk can be removed by moving elsewhere, and if so, yes, anyone. But the truth is that it will not end.

It is noteworthy that since the shooting of Galaxy Apartment, the residence of Tiger actor Salman Khan on April 14, there have been many rumors about his possible relocation.

Shortly after the shooting, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother Anmul Bishnoi claimed responsibility for the act, while the Mumbai Police also confirmed that the gang was behind the attack.

After the shooting incident, reports say that Salman Khan and his family will leave the Bandra residence for their own safety.

However, his brother now says that the best thing to do about it is to take the necessary precautions and move on with his life.

According to Arbaaz Khan, his brother has a strong attachment to the residence, as he and his father Salim Khan have lived there for many years.

A few days later, Indian police arrested two suspects, including Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal, who allegedly opened fire at Khan’s residence in Mumbai, and recovered the two guns used in the incident.

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